Undergraduate Research

What is Undergraduate Research?

Council of Undergraduate Research defines undergraduate research (UGR) as an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to their discipline.


Participation in these formal undergraduate research programs provides a framework for your undergraduate research experience. Interested undergraduate students may also directly contact faculty members with whom they would like to work with.


Registering creates a record of students participating in research, a record for faculty of their mentoring activities, university tracking of engagement in undergraduates and research and student access to optional professional development seminars and workshops.


The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports student engagement in research and creative works of the university. OUR also supports faculty and staff with resources, support, and questions regarding undergraduate research.

Event Calendar

OUR offers information sessions and campus-wide events. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff may request an undergraduate research presentation in their space. Please contact OUR at ugresearch@uta.edu to make an appointment to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities at UTA.

Current Students & Mentors

Efret Ghirmazion

Efret and faculty mentor, Dr. Cheryl Anderson, are researching the effects of postpartum depression on maternal-infant bonding among mothers experiencing a preterm birth with neonatal Intensive care admission.

Lillian Sheldon

Lillian and faculty mentor, Dr. Pricila Caçola, are conducting a pilot intervention study in children with developmental coordination disorder.

Undergraduate Research Breakdown


A relationship between the student and the faculty/research mentor that takes place outside of the classroom environment and course requirements.


The work bringing forth something partially or totally novel consistent with best practices in area(s) of study.


Measurable deliverables with the expectation that the results or product will be disseminated to the public.


Typically within the span of one long semester or more.

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