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Fall 2020 courses: Online, face-to-face or hybrid

The list of fall 2020 courses in MyMav now includes information on whether each class will be taught face-to-face, online or a mix of both (hybrid). In addition, you can search for courses by their attribute. If you want to look only at online courses, for example, you can do so.


These definitions will help you in your course planning and correspond to what you will see in MyMav:

Fully Online Option 1
All instruction and testing is online. All classes are asynchronous (recorded) with no required synchronous component.
Fully Online Option 2
All instruction and testing is online but some synchronous online class attendance or participation is required (dates specified in syllabus).
Hybrid 1
All instruction is online. Testing and student presentations F2F on specified dates and times only up to Thanksgiving (specified in syllabus). Proctoring services may be required. Friday/Saturday testing or presentations possible.
Hybrid 2
A combination of online and face-to-face activities occur in the course. All students meet one day per week face-to-face and one or two days per week online.
Hybrid 3
A combination of online and face-to-face activities and instruction occur in the course. Seat time is rotated among students. For example, in a course with an enrollment of 90 that meets T/Thurs, 45 students attend F2F Tuesday, the other 45 are online; then switch. Syllabus will specify if in-person testing is required.
Hybrid 4
Laboratory, studio or performance art classes. Customized scheduling based on requirements.
Face-to-face (F2F)
The course is fully face-to-face, but switches to online-only after Thanksgiving.

You can also view an infographic with these definitions (pdf).

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Online Courses for International Students Outside the U.S.

UTA is aware of the difficulties posed by COVID 19 for our international students. In response to these challenges UTA is offering a range of courses that fit the degrees being taken by the majority of our international students.

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