• 2023 - 2024 Hazlewood applications are open! Please make sure to list the correct academic year on your applications (The 2024 academic year is Fall 2023 - Summer 2024).
  • Federal Benefit Users: You must certify your courses online (as well as any adds or drops) as soon as possible to avoid delays in your benefits.
  • Hazlewood Users: When you apply for Hazlewood, be sure to select all terms you want the exemption applied to. Pay your Student Services Fee as soon as possible to avoid late fees.
  • Inclusive Access fees must be paid by the student as soon as possible to avoid late fees. These fees are considered course materials, and are therefore not covered by Hazlewood or GI Bill tuition funds.

  • All Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve personnel should talk to their unit education liaison before applying to UTA.

Summer 2024 Deadlines



All VA education benefit certifications should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid any delay in receiving your benefits. To receive the Veteran Benefit User hold you must certify before 5pm on the Thursday before your first summer class begins.



To guarantee receipt of the tuition exemption before classes start, completed Hazlewood applications must be submitted by 5/1/24 at 5pm. Applications may still be submitted after this date but students might need to pay and be reimbursed.



All VA education benefits certifications and Hazlewood applications must be submitted by the deadlines shown above to avoid being dropped for nonpayment. If this deadline is missed, you will need to pay for your courses upfront and wait for reimbursement. You MUST indicate that you are AO on your respective applications.

Certify Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be accepted to UTA before we can accept documents. You must be enrolled in classes before we can process your benefits.

VA Benefits

Click "VA education Benefits" in the top left of this webpage, then scroll down to your respective benefit and click the certification steps. You'll see all the documents we need, as well as the link to our online certification form.


Click "Hazlewood Exemption" in the top left of this webpage, then scroll down to find the application for your respective benefits. After clicking on it, you'll see the bullet list of all required documents. You can then follow the instructions below to access the MyMav form where all documents are uploaded and submitted.

Tuition Assistance

TA is treated as a sponsorship at UTA. Please visit the Sponsored Students webpage for more information. All Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve personnel should consult with your unit education liaisons before being admitted into UTA.

In many cases, it is normal to have an outstanding balance.

  • If you're a CH33 Post 9/11 or Fry Scholarship user: Tuition and fees are not requested from the VA until after the census date. If you certified your classes before the deadline mentioned above, you should have a Veteran Benefit User hold on your account to prevent being dropped or accruing late fees. After we request your tuition funds from the VA, it can take 3-6 weeks for the money to hit your account. You can also verify you certified all of your courses by reviewing the confirmation email received each time you submit a cert.
  • If you're a Hazlewood user: It can take some time for MyMav to run verification processes and apply the exemption between semesters. If classes are approaching fast, be sure you meet SAP (satisfactory academic progress) and you are registered for Selective Service. You can also review your Hazlewood application in MyMav to ensure you requested to have Hazlewood applied to a given semester. Hazlewood must be renewed each fall, and can be applied for the entire academic year (fall, spring, and summer).
  • If you're a CH30, CH 35 DEA, or CH1606 user: The VA does not cover your tuition, rather, they provide you an allowance directly. Therefore, it is your responsibility to pay according to UTA's payment due dates.
  • If you're a CH31 VR&E user: Please verify with your VR&E counselor that an authorization letter has been sent. After it is sent, it can take about a week to see your charges covered. Please contact our office if you are at risk of being dropped or accruing late fees.

CH33 Post 9/11 does not cover Inclusive Access fees

Hazlewood does not cover Student Service or Inclusive Access fees.

VA Education Benefits

The VA does not pay for courses you do not complete. If you drop/withdraw from a course, you will very likely owe tuition and fees back to UTA for those dropped courses. 


In addition, you might also receive a debt letter from the VA for respective allowances. This letter will include a number to contact the VA directly and discuss resolving the debt.



The Hazlewood exemption will cover dropped courses and your hours will be deducted as normal.

The VA file number is typically the veteran's SSN. However, it can also be a specific ID number assigned by the VA.

The CH35 file number is required for ALL CH35 users. If you do not include the file number on your certification, your entitlements may be delayed because we will have to reach out and ask you for it.


You can submit your FAFSA every year beginning Oct 1. All eligibility for federal and state grants, loans, etc. is determined by the information on your FAFSA. Keep in mind, your education benefits may affect your Financial Aid award. Please reach out to the Financial Aid office at for assistance.

If you do not have enough Hazlewood hours to cover the semester

Hazlewood will be applied to cover part of your tuition, proportional to your remaining hours. You can estimate how much tuition Hazlewood will cover using the formula below.

(Tuition / hours enrolled) x remaining Hazlewood hours

Keep in mind, you will hold an outstanding balance until the end of the term to avoid multiple adjustments as students add and drop courses throughout the semester. Once partial Hazlewood is applied, the student should pay the rest of their balance as soon as possible.


If your CH33 Post 9/11 runs out before the semester ends

Our office does not make these decisions and cannot guarantee what the VA will do. Most veterans will have their benefits extended to the end of the term. Dependents will most likely receive a partial tuition payment from the VA, and their allowances will cut off once their entitlements run out. In both cases, PLEASE contact the VA at 888-442-4551 for clarification

Once the VA pays their portion of the tuition, the student should pay the rest of their balance as soon as possible.


If you intend to switch from CH33 Post 9/11 to Hazlewood

If your CH33 is running out, you may be able to use Hazlewood to cover the remainder of your tuition. After we've certified your courses for the semester, please reach out to the VA to receive an exhaustion letter (this is the final Certificate of Eligibility). Your exhaustion letter must be submitted with your Hazlewood application. We cannot apply Hazlewood until tuition funds are received from the VA.


In all cases, we review submissions in the order they are received.

VA Certifications

You will receive an automated VA email once we submit your enrollment to the VA. If we are missing any documents or have any questions about your certification, we will email you directly using your MAVS email address.

Hazlewood Applications

You can view the status of your Hazlewood application by navigating to it within MyMav. Once a decision is made, you will be notified by email.


It depends. 


It is common to use Hazlewood with a VA benefit ONLY when the VA doesn't cover your entire tuition. You may be eligible to combine your VA benefit with Hazlewood if:

  • You are a CH35 DEA or CH30 Montgomery GI Bill user (Hazlewood will cover your full tuition)
  • You are a CH33 Post 9/11 user entitled to less than 100% of your GI Bill
  • You expect to fully exhaust your CH33 Post 9/11 benefits before the end of the semester

Email responses usually arrive in 1-3 business days, but can take longer during peak business periods.

If you only submitted documents without asking a question, please confirm receipt of our automated confirmation email. If you received the confirmation email, your documents were received by our office and will be filed in order of queue. Sometimes our automated confirmation email will be automatically minimized by Outlook.


Our office is strictly part of UTA and we do not have access to any military or VA records unless they are provided by the student. We act as a liaison to help veterans and military-connected students use their education benefits at UTA, and we provide services, programs, and events designed for career readiness.


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