We provide a range of undergraduate programs in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, planning, and public policy for students to begin their academic journey. Students can choose to advance their professional careers with our graduate programs, which can accommodate your needs with on-campus, online, or cohort courses. Discover which discipline suits you and how to learn more.

Student Voices

Master's in City and Regional Planning -

Meet Alyssa

I found comfort in an environment that supports collaboration with fellow students, staff, and outside entities.

Alyssa Knox

Master's in Public Administration -

Meet Katerina

The right place with the right people can make this experience enjoyable.

Katerina Mitsinga

Ph.D in Public Administration and Public Policy -

Meet Jala

These opportunities have provided the knowledge I can apply to achieve my goal as a public servant.

Jala Morrow

Ph.D Urban Planning & Public Policy -

Meet Josh

The culturally diverse department encourages students to participate in on-campus activities and keeps them engaged outside the classroom.

Josh Newton

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design -

Meet Kevin

The interior design program has greatly opened my mind about what it takes to be a designer.

Kevin Nguyen

Bachelor of Science in Architecture -

Meet Ryan

CAPPA offers a fantastic program, with an immense amount of support, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Ryan Playle

Master's in City and Regional Planning -

Meet Laura

CAPPA has provided me with the skills and network to begin my career.

Laura Quintero

Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Public Affairs -

Meet Jessica

Every day is new learning--culture, people, knowledge, perspectives, and of course research!

Jessica Suma

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