Committed to Excellence

Professional careers in architecture and Interior design are the goals of the programs we offer. The architecture and interior design curricula provides students with a ready path to the larger professional world based on domain of ideas, historical context, and deep understanding of the human condition. Specialized knowledge, experience and opportunities enable students to think critically about the built environment from a creative and innovative approach, with practical application for the world in which we live.

In terms of quality, academic excellence, more than 130 architecture and interior design students have received awards in 63 major design or research competitions over the last 10years, at the local, national, and international levels. This consistent record of competitive success reflect the educational and professional focus of the school. Thanks to developed knowledge, skills and abilities and with CAPPA’s tradition of integrating work and academic experience, graduates of The University of Texas at Arlington are fully prepared to enter the professional world.


The mission of the School of Architecture programs is to prepare students for sustained contributions and leadership in the design professions. This mission occurs in partnership with the larger University. Together the programs and the University share the aim of educating broadly to the demands of a complex society and, more specifically, to the demands of sophisticated and changing professions.