School of Architecture

Degrees offered include the Bachelor's in Architecture, Bachelor's in Interior Design, and Master's in Architecture.

Committed to Excellence

Architecture and Interior Design are seen as both the means and the goal of the education we offer. As means, our architecture and interior design programs provide students with a ready path to the larger domain of ideas, history and the human condition. As goals, it teaches them specific professional knowledge and skills that sharpen their attitudes and abilities, and thus enable them to produce tangible, concrete things.

In terms of quality, more than 130 architecture and interior design students have received awards in 63 major design or research competitions over the last 10 years, most at national or international levels. This unsurpassed record of competitive accomplishment reflects the educational focus of the school. Thanks to their developed abilities, along with CAPPA’s tradition of integrating work and academic experience, graduates of The University of Texas at Arlington are fully prepared to enter the professional world.