CAPPA Facilities

The building houses students and faculty from all CAPPA programs in a variety of teaching, research, and laboratory spaces.

The CAPPA building, formerly the School of Architecture building, was designed by the Dallas firm, Pratt, Box and Henderson and constructed in 1986. The four-story building contains 132,000 square feet and is linked to the School’s former site, the Fine Arts Building through an exterior landscaped courtyard. The building houses students and faculty from all CAPPA programs in a variety of teaching, research, and laboratory spaces.

Learn more about the various resources that are available in each lab facility below. 


The West Campus Library (WC) is located on the west side of campus on the first floor of the CAPPA building. The WC Library holds a core print collection and digital research resources related to art, architecture, and music. Study rooms equipped with LCD display/web gateway and whiteboard can be reserved in advance for groups of 1-4 people. 

Visit the WC Library page to learn more about the available resources and updated information. Contact the WC Library by (817) 272-2387 or

CAPPA and Fine Arts Library

The Digital Fabrication Lab is a research facility focused on the testing and production of architectural components, modeling and simulation, and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) equipment. The lab is organized into two sections:

  • The first section is 532sq. ft. and dedicated to small prototyping production with multiple 3D printers and laser cutters.
  • The second half of the lab is dedicated to large format production and holds several pieces of CNC controlled equipment in the 908sq. ft. space.
  • Equipment includes a routing table with a 4-axis milling spindle and a customized vacuum table. 

The CAPPA Digital Fabrication Lab can be found in the CAPPA Building - Room 111 (ARCH 111).

Digital Architecture Research Consortium

The Metal Fabrication Lab provides a teaching space and research lab with equipment to saw, cut, shear, brake, roll, and weld metal sheet and special shapes.

Equipment occupying the 897 sq. ft. space includes

  • 48” x 96” format CNC plasma cutter
  • 48” thermo-forming table
  • Exploration in reusable mold making for casting.

Located within the Digital Fabrication area, CAPPA maintains a 270 sq. ft. Photography Lab for student and faculty uses essential photography equipment to document architectural models, furniture, and fabricated assemblies.

The Prototype Assembly Lab is a 1288 sq.ft. space dedicated to large-scale casting, prototyping, and simulation. The space is equipped with multiple large open work areas, dry material storage, mixing and casting equipment, and hand, wood and metal, working tools. This space is a demonstration space for feasibility and testing. Research teams actively use the space to cast, assemble, and test performance capabilities of the prototypes.

The Wood Fabrication Lab is a research facility focused on the production of architectural components, models, and furniture, both at scale and full-scale construction. The shop contains a spray booth for painting, layout tables and an 800 sq. ft. dock with truck access.

Equipment in the 2500 sq. ft. lab has hand power tools, air tools, a compressor, and the following resources:

  • Two Saw Stop table saws
  • Two band saws
  • 20” planer
  • 12” lathe
  • Two compound miter saws
  • Panel saw
  • Down draft sanding table
  • 8” jointer
  • Scroll saw
  • Drill press.

The Wood Fabrication Lab can be found in the Fine Arts Building - Room 153 (FA 153). Visit the UTA CAPPA Wood Fabrication Lab Facebook page to find answers or updates about the facility.

Cappa woodshop lab

The UTA Community Design-Build Lab is located within walking distance of the main campus a part of the efforts to revitalize central Arlington. In addition to the educational opportunities, this new facility will create an important bridge between the academic and non-profit communities of North Texas.

The lab facility includes learning labs, community meeting spaces, conference rooms, workshop areas, and more:

  • Our team of students, faculty, and strategic partners work together to develop unique architectural solutions through innovative design, education, and collaboration.
  • Supporting and encouraging roles in the service of the health, safety, and welfare of building users, as well as the creation of aesthetic environments
  • We focus on working with the City and fostering relationships. Faculty and students working relentlessly to create pathways for community members through these community projects.

Learn more about the facility by visiting the UTA Community Design-Build Lab webpage or facility located at 200 North Cooper Street, Arlington, TX 76011. Contact Brad McCorkle, Brad Bell, or Julia Lindgren via email or an information request message

The CAPPA exhibition space showcases both student and faculty work within the college. In addition, the exhibition space serves as presentation space to share the impact of major projects that have been implemented within the local community. 

Visit the CAPPA at UT Arlington Facebook page to learn more about upcoming exhibitions and general information related to the CAPPA department. Contact the CAPPA by (817) 272-2801 or