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Taner OzdilContact Dr. Taner R. Ozdil, Ph.D., ASLA

Please contact Dr. Taner R. Ozdil, Associate Director for Research for CfMD and Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture for CAPPA, for additional details about the Center for Metropolitan Density at (817) 272-5089 or

Office: CAPPA 417, The University of Texas at Arlington

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Center for Metropolitan Density set its mission to understand the value of density, development, and design through multidisciplinary research, education, and outreach by promoting economically feasible, environmentally responsible and socially equitable downtowns, urban areas and metropolitan regions.

  • C f M DIII stands for Center for Metropolitan Density, Development, and Design
  • C f M DIII responds to Economy, Environment, & Equity
  • C f M DIII promotes interdisciplinary Research, Education and Outreach

The center accomplishes this mission by conducting innovative interdisciplinary research among CAPPA disciplines (design, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and public policy, etc.) as well as with other allied disciplines across UT Arlington (such as real estate), providing educational activities for students and industry members, and disseminating knowledge through service, and outreach primarily with private sector partners in Dallas-Fort Worth and other metropolitan regions across the globe.


  • The center explores the value of Density, Development, and Design by engaging design, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and public policy research with allied disciplines such as real estate, finance, land development, and engineering to better understand the implications of high-density areas in metropolitan regions,
  • The center is known for Research, Education, & Outreach, responding to inquiries related to the Economy, Environment, & Equity (Social) pertinent to Dallas-Fort Worth as well as other downtowns, urban areas and metropolitan regions across the United States and beyond,
  • The center emphasizes the strategic goals of College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs - CAPPA as well as The University of Texas at Arlington, such as Sustainable Urban Communities, Health & The Human Condition, and Data-Driven Discovery and disseminate research findings through faculty and industry partners participating in the CfMD,
  • The revitalized mission of CfMD, within the only College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs, located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region means that urban areas of all types and sizes in North Texas region as well as beyond can participate in, and benefit from The Center’s work.


Bradley Bell

Associate Professor

School of Architecture

Brad Bell


Phone #: 817-272-2801

Office: CAPPA 413

Rebecca Boles

Associate Professor Interior Design

Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Rebecca Boles


Phone #: 817-272-2801

Office: CAPPA 203B

Rod Hissong

Associate Professor of Public Affairs

Public Affairs and Planning

Rod Hissong