Undergraduate Electives

Students must be accepted into the major studies ARCH or INTD program to take 3000 or 4000 level ARCH or INTD classes.

Electives for Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

ARCH 3312 History of Contemporary Theory
ARCH 4305 The City of Rome
ARCH 4307 The Life of Cities
ARCH 4308 History of Urban Form
ARCH 4315 Topics in the History of Architecture and Design (topics vary)
ARCH 4316 Modern Architecture I
ARCH 4317 Modern Architecture II
ARCH 4353 History of Landscape Architecture
ARCH 4306 Urban Design Theory
ARCH 4311 Topics in Architectural Theory (topics vary)
ARCH 4314 Historic Preservation and Restoration
ARCH 4319 Housing Design
ARCH 4341 Notational Drawing
ARCH 4344 Conceptual Drawing
ARCH 4345 Digital Construction
ARCH 4349 Portfolio Design
ARCH 4359 Watercolours
ARCH 4360 Politics and Practice of Preservation
ARCH 4325 Environmental Control Systems I
ARCH 4326 Environmental Control Systems II
ARCH 4329 Computers and Design
ARCH 4330 Energy Use and Conservation
ARCH 4334 Digital Research & Prototyping
ARCH 4343 Digital Fabrication Methodology
ARCH 4346 Construction Drawings
ARCH 4348 Architectural Photography
ARCH 4357 B.I.M. & Visualization
ARCH 4358 Advanced Visualization
ARCH 4391 Independent Study
ARCH 4395 Topics in Architecture (topics vary)
INTD 33xx Interior Design
INTD 43xx Interior Design
Related Disciplines of Study Outside Electives (max of 15 hrs)
ANTH 3339 Urban Anthropology [offered sporadically]
ANTH 4358 Topics in Archaeology (Prehistory of the SW) [F]
ART 33xx/ Art History & Studios*
ART 43xx
BLAW 3311 Business Law I*[F, SP]
BLAW 3312 Business Law II* [F, SP]
BLAW 3314 Real Estate Law* [F, SP]
ENGL 3372 Computers and Writing* [F,SP]
HIST 3362 Cities/Suburbs in US History [SP]
MANA 3325 Entrepreneurship /Venture Management [F, SP]
MARK 3321 Principles of Marketing* [F, SP]
PLAN 3301 The Metroplex [SP]
PLAN 4310 Planning the American City
PLAN 4320 Sustainable Communities
POLS 3305 Government in Urban America* [SP]
REAE 3325 Real Estate Fundamentals* [F, SP]
REAE 4314 Real Estate Development* [F, SP]
SOCI 3353 Social Climate of Cities [F]
* These courses have Prerequisites. Please check prerequisites before registering in any course!
[ARCH 2303 & ARCH 2304 counts for prerequisite with approval from Art Department]
ARCH 2300 Masterworks of Western Architecture
ART 1309 Art of the West I
ART 1310 Art of the West II
ART 1317 Art of Nonwestern Traditions*
ART 3302 Art of Antiquity*
ART 3304 Japanese Art & Architecture*
ART 3306 Byzantine and Medieval Art*
ART 3307 The Early Renaissance*
ART 3308 High Renaissance*
ART 3310 Film as Art*
ART 3311 American Art*
ART 3312 Neo-Classicism and Romanticism*
ART 3314 Modern Art*
ART 3315 Impressionism*
ART 3316 Ancient Egyptian & Near Eastern Art*
ART 3317 Islamic Art and Architecture*
ART 3319 Art & Architecture of India*
ART 3320 Art of the Ancient Americas*
ART 3321 Chinese Art & Architecture*
ART 3325 Studies in the Baroque*
ART 3331 British Art*
* These courses have Prerequisites. Please check prerequisites before registering in any course!