Graduation Attire

Academic dress or academic regalia is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings worn by those that have been conferred a university degree. The ensemble consists of a gown (also known as a "robe") with a separate hood for advanced degree candidates and holders, and usually a cap (generally either a mortarboard, a tam, or a bonnet) which are different for each institution. Colored tassels adorn the cap and signify the academic area of study. All participants in UTA's commencement ceremonies must wear a university-approved black cap and gown, which can be purchased from the UTA Bookstore.

In accordance with tradition, all participants in commencement ceremonies are expected to arrive at the ceremony in full academic regalia. Appropriate business attire should be worn underneath the gowns.


A complimentary custom tassel is provided with the cap and gown. Tassel colors are particular to each College or School. The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs will wear Peacock Blue and Lilac tassels.

Traditionally, candidates for a bachelor's degree place the tassel on the right side of the mortarboard until the degree is conferred; tassels are moved to the left side when the degree is conferred. All other degree candidates place the tassel on the left side of the mortarboard, where it will remain.

Please purchase your regalia no later than one month prior to the commencement. This will ensure that your custom tassel arrive in time for the ceremony and that your regalia correctly fits. Although the bookstore maintains a stock of regalia, correct size and academic color availability cannot be guaranteed for late orders.

Important Info

Keep in mind that caps, gowns and tassels must be ordered 6 weeks in advance of commencement or you'll be charged a late fee and on-time arrival is not guaranteed. Graduates may also purchase the official Maverick Ring.. Caps and gowns for each School and College are sold at the UTA Bookstore.