Graduate Studio Lottery


Graduate Advanced Design Studio (ARCH 5670/5671/5672) selection occurs the first day of the semester for both new and continuing students. Consolidating studio selection to this short period enables the School to comprehensively monitor a student’s progress through the design sequence to ensure the prescribed breadth and depth of the design curriculum and neither advantages nor disadvantages any student in the opportunity to request studio assignments that meet their interests and needs. Furthermore, given the small class sizes in studio, there is the need to equitably distribute enrollment across the studio offerings in any semester.

Lottery Presentations

The Advanced Design Studio Lottery is held no later than the first day of studio class meeting day. For those not familiar with the process, this is an opportunity to hear from faculty who will be teaching advanced design studios this semester and rank your preference of who you would like to take as your instructor(s). In advance of the presentation meeting, students are provided presentation statements for the advanced design studios being offered attached.

Students who are entering their final semester and need to take ARCH 5672 Integrative Design Studio in order to graduate will have already been enrolled in this class. However, it is important that you still come to the lottery. 

Lottery Ballot Procedure

On the lottery ballot, students must list prior instructors they have taken for advanced design studio. From the presentations, students must identify order of preference for studio, with (1) being the most desirable. Do not list only your first choice, as you are not guaranteed that studio. Failure to complete the lottery ballot properly will result in being randomly assigned to a studio. The School of Architecture will make every effort to assign students to studio by their highest preference based on available space in each studio; however, there is no assurance that a student will receive their first choice. Studio selections are final.

Immediately following the presentations, lottery ballots will be collected and studio assignments will be determined.

If you are not present you will be automatically assigned to a studio. Friends or colleagues may not sign you up for studios in your absence.

There is no way to beat the lottery.

Lottery Ballot Results

Once studio assignments have been made, students will be notified either by a list posted at the entrance of the CAPPA main office or by the instructor. Students will review the results then go to their assigned studio for the first class meeting (if lottery is on first day of class). CAPPA staff will then swap students in MyMav from their pre-enrolled studio into their final studio and students will be given card swipe access to their designated studio space.