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Digital Architecture Research Consortium (DARC) is a network of strategic industry partners who have joined the College of Architecture Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington to conduct directed research into ways computational fabrication is transforming the AEC profession. DARC conducts innovative design research into a wide range of building components. From prototyping to simulation to computational analysis, DARC explores the interaction of structural performance, material science and new CAD/CAM technologies.

DARC seeks to bring innovation to the AEC industry through quantitative outcomes, substantiated by research grounded in prototyping and simulation. Advanced manufacturing technologies are transforming the way the architectural design process is being pursued in the industry, marketplace, and educational environment. By leveraging a unique set of relationship with partners from North Texas Region throughout the United States, DARC has quickly established a body of research into the use of computational fabrication and architectural components. With research into areas such as facades, non-standard structural systems, and casting technologies, our graduate research teams work with partners to advance research into new and innovative areas. DARC seeks to leverage the research discoveries and speculations on the future of the built environment with the general public by disseminating the work through publication and discourse. The collaborative nature of the work requires a platform for many voices. We welcome feedback and interaction to strengthen our capacity to research and project on the future of the built environment.


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