Latinos in Architecture


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Faculty Advisor: Dennis Chiessa


Phone: 817-272-2801

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Latinos in Architecture Student Chapter is the first LiA student organization that focuses on promoting the work of the Latino community in the design field. After personal discoveries, we realized that most students in the School of Architecture at UTA are Latinos, yet there wasn’t a specific organization that represented this reality. In response to being underrepresented, we created LiA to foster a place where students can network and gain skills that will contribute to their career success. As a group that holds significant ground, we want to make our voices heard and positively impact our community.


Raising awareness of the importance of Latinos in the design field and creating opportunities that prepare students to reach their potential.

2023-2024 Officers


Name and Email

President Anthony Ramirez 
Vice President Fabiola Valenzuela 
Treasurer JC Bentacourt
Events Coordinator  Anissa Velasco
Secretary Juan Piña 
Media Chair Jennifer Aguirre 
Graphics Coordinator Yuraimha Viera 
Secretary Vanessa Sandoval