The Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions and Dollars (C-TEDD) is a consortium of five universities leading transportation policy research that improves economic development through more efficient, cost-effective use of the existing transportation system, and offers better access to jobs and opportunities. C-TEDD will address these needs through innovative use of cutting edge technology, and policies that harness private resources for public infrastructure. C-TEDD and its consortium members aim to serve their fast-growing regions and the nation as a whole through various programs that expand economic prosperity, provide outreach to policymakers, address infrastructure needs through innovative methods, and educate future leaders of the transportation field.



C-TEDD will be a leader in transitioning our antiquated transportation system towards the future through innovative policy making and the latest technology.


Focus Areas

Each focus area is comprised of numerous objectives that can be reviewed at CTEDD's official website

  1. Creative use of existing infrastructures for future transportation needs
  2. Transportation systems, economic competitiveness, and equal access
  3. Ensuring transportation system vitality through performance management and monitoring systems
  4. Innovative funding strategies for future transportation infrastructure, better maintenance of the existing 
  5. Employing big data and innovative techniques to improve system efficiency
  6. Transportation policy and decision making