Undergraduate Admissions

Becoming an Undergraduate Student

In the School of Architecture at UT Arlington, we offer two undergraduate programs: 

Admissions into our program is in the Fall semester only.

If you apply to UT Arlington for any other semester (i.e. Spring), you would not have the option for architecture nor interior design, you would need to change your application to a Fall semester.

Both of our undergraduate programs take a minimum of 8 semesters (4 years) to complete for both incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Admissions requirements

All of the admissions requirements are handled through the Office of Admissions; we do not have a separate admissions process.

New Maverick Orientation

New Maverick Orientation

Portfolio Review Requirements

Submitted portfolios will be reviewed by School of Architecture faculty members.

See Portfolio Review Process

Maverick Advantage

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Undergraduate Programs: Apply Now

1. How to get started

Check out the UTA Admissions website for details regarding the application process. It contains important information regarding deadlines, application instructions, and scholarships. Also, if you have not already been to campus, plan a visit to come see us! If you would like to visit CAPPA specifically, please contact James Brown.

2. Apply

Fill out the Texas Common Application online. There are instructions on how to complete the application and a list of materials you will need to submit. Admission into the undergraduate programs in the School of Architecture is only available in the fall semesters.

3. Wait

Waiting is the hardest part! The UTA Admissions Office lets you check the status of your application online. When a decision has been made regarding your application, you will receive notification via email and the mail. Keep in mind that it takes at least three weeks from the time you complete your application before you receive our decision.

4. You have been admitted! Now what?

Congratulations! If you are accepted into UTA, be sure to tell us you’re coming by accepting your admission offer online through your MyMav student account.

5. Sign up for new student orientation

New Maverick Orientation is your final step before registering for classes. You must attend orientation before meeting with your advisor and registering for classes. Attending orientation will allow you to meet your future architecture and interior design classmates!

You are all done! Welcome to the Maverick community as a member of the CAPPA family!

Admission into the undergraduate programs in the School of Architecture is only available in the fall semesters.