Student Opportunities

Certificates and Curricula

CTEDD provides a list of affiliated degrees and certificates to promote student success towards an education as a future transportation professional. View the CTEDD Certificates and Curricula page to learn more about related programs.


We support the preparation of future transportation professionals through local and national interconnected programs as the fundamental mission of a University Transportation Center. CTEDD provides the following educational initiatives

  • A range of degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level at the five CTEDD-affiliated universities
  • A graduate certificate in Transportation Planning and Policy
  • The Pathways to College Program, which introduces DFW-area high school students to various career paths in the STEM disciplines
  • Robust and active student organizations, including the CTEDD Student Council, the Women's Transportation Seminar, the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Out in STEM, and many others at all five CTEDD-affiliated universities
  • Scholarships and travel grants to CTEDD-affiliated students
  • Research webinars designed to showcase the latest findings to a national audience of transportation practitioners



Specific scholarship funding amounts and number of granted scholarships are based on available funding through CTEDD's annual budgetary process, which are determined by CTEDD leadership. The following are available scholarship programs:


Pathways to College

The Pathways to College Access and Career Readiness Program is an initiative of the University of Texas at Arlington's College of Education which supports traditionally under-served students as they graduate from high school and pursue a postsecondary education. Pathways prepares college students to act as mentors to high school (HS) students and places them in GO Centers located across eight local school districts to achieve these goals. College/near-peer mentors describe their own college experiences as well as show them how to prepare for college and how college shapes careers, all while providing them the much needed information to make make the transition from HS to college. The mentors also engage in question and answer sessions to help students think and talk about college.

C-TEDD funding is being sought to expand the program's services to ensure that mentors hired will have direct experience with programs of studies and careers that will benefit the transportation industry, such as those enrolled in civil, industrial, and aerospace engineering, business administration, and environmental science programs, among others. The 10 mentors hired for this component will be in charge of creating presentations that can be shared at the HS campus they are assigned to, to expose students to these careers when doing career exploration activities, especially when each HS holds their Career Day.

Read more on the CTEDD Pathways page.


Industry-University Partnerships

In this era that the updated knowledge drives the ultimate prosperity, universities and industries have the strongest interaction. The rise of a global knowledge-based economy necessitates a strategically mutual collaboration between universities and industries that goes beyond traditionally funded research projects. Experience has demonstrated that a successful and powerful engine of economic growth is resulted from such a partnership in tandem with technologically driven opportunities that push the frontiers of knowledge. CTEDD has taken a big leap in this matter and is committed to taking pioneer approaches to strengthening this collaboration and addressing the needs and demands of the university-industry by holding seminars, workshops, career fairs, etc. to institutionalize a highly fruitful partnership between universities and industries.