Master of Architecture

The Master of Architecture degree program educates students toward ultimate leadership positions within the profession of architecture.


Students are encouraged to give rich visual and material substance to both theoretical and pragmatic ideas. The context for design at The University of Texas at Arlington focuses on the contemporary urban condition, a viewpoint especially appropriate for a school at the heart of a diverse, expanding and internationally oriented region like Dallas/Fort Worth.

There are three distinct programs of study in architecture, which provide options to graduate students with different backgrounds and needs. Path A requires approximately 3-1/2 years, Path B two years, and Path C one year.



The applicant is required to meet the general requirements of the Graduate School. A personal interview with the Graduate Adviser is recommended, and letters of reference are required. Applicants who hold a degree but do not meet the minimum requirements of a Bachelor of Science in Architecture should apply for the Path A program.

Applicants from UT Arlington's BS.INTD program pursuing the professional degree Path A program with Advanced Standing and applicants to the professional degree programs Paths B and C are required to submit a portfolio of work for evaluation by the School.

Undergraduate students require approval of the Graduate Advisor prior to enrollment in graduate courses. All graduate students in architecture are required to consult the Graduate Advisor for approval of their final program of work during their final semester prior to graduation. Check with the graduate school for deadlines (call 817-272-2688).


Three Program Paths

Degree: Professional degree in Architecture

Credit Hours: 104 credits hours, recommended path 3.5 years

Requirements: Any 4-year bachelor degree

  • Path A is for applicants who hold a Bachelor's degree, but do not meet the minimum requirements of a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.
  • A minimum of 104 credit hours in architectural design, theory, and practice is required of Path A candidates for the professional degree in architecture (M.Arch). Due to the rigor of the program (not unlike any other professional school-law or medicine), students entering this program are advised to discontinue outside employment.
  • Advancement in Professional Degree Program Path A is predicated upon successful and timely completion of required coursework, as well as an annual review of the student’s portfolio of design work by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Architecture Program.
  • In addition to completing an introductory curriculum beginning in the fall of the first semester of enrollment, students must also complete the Path B core curriculum of 39 credit hours. The core curriculum of this course of study is ARCH 5325, 5326, 5329, 5331, and 24 hours of advanced studio. Students approved by the Committee on Graduate Studies to substitute a design thesis for the last semester of the required studio sequence will also take ARCH 5363 prior to enrollment in ARCH 5693.

Advanced Standing

Students completing UT Arlington's four-year professional undergraduate interior design degree may apply for advanced standing in the Path A Program.

Degree: Professional degree in Architecture

Credit Hours: 57 credits hours, recommended path 2 years

Requirements: 4-year bachelor degree in Architecture

  • Path B is for applicants who hold a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree or the equivalent from an accredited college or university.
  • A minimum of 57 credit hours is required for the Path B program.
  • The core curriculum for this course of study is ARCH 5325, 5326, 5329, 5333, 18 hours of advanced studio.

Advanced Standing

Students with a five-year professional undergraduate architecture degree who are desiring a second professional degree may apply for advanced standing in the Path B Program.

Degree: Non-professional degree in Architecture

Credit Hours: 33 credits hours, recommended path 1 year

Requirements: 5-year professional bachelor degree in Architecture

  • Path C is for applicants who hold a five-year professional degree in architecture (B.Arch) or a four-year degree in architecture and acceptable professional experience including registration.
  • Thirty credit hours are required of student a in Path C with thesis while 33 hours will be required of students with design thesis or advanced studio options.
  • A minimum of 18 hours is required in architectural program courses including six hours of history/theory as well as thesis, independent study, or advanced studio. Students are also required to take an advanced studio which may be waived by student request if design proficiency or equivalent experience has been demonstrated. The remainder of the work will be arranged with and approved by the Graduate Advisor to suit the interests of the student. Courses of study provide for an area of specialization or for advanced general studies.

Studio Culture Policy

Civilized behavior among students, faculty and staff based on mutual respect is expected in all settings but is particularly important in design studios due to their time-intensive nature.