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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karabi Bezboruah

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The CAPPA Ph.D. Consortium will provide academic and professional skill-building and peer mentorship activities for CAPPA Ph.D. students. Its purpose is to stimulate research-related academic and relevant professional discussions and peer-guidance among CAPPA Ph.D. students to support their research progress and development. The Consortium also seeks to provide opportunities for teaching, publication, presentation, and research funding for its members.

The CAPPA Ph.D. Consortium represents and advocates for the needs of CAPPA Ph.D. students to communicate their concerns, offer feedback to the administration, and ensure successful completion of the Ph.D. degree. The main purpose of the organization is to stimulate research-related academic and professional discussions and to motivate peer-engagement towards greater student support through the long and rigorous research process.


Membership to the CAPPA Ph.D. Consortium is open to all CAPPA Ph.D. students and currently has three active leadership positions with a potential for more in correspondence with student interest. Leadership positions within the CAPPA Ph.D. Consortium are year-long appointments. The office of the president alternates yearly between UPPP and PUAD students. Elections are held at the beginning of the fall semester.


CAPPA Ph.D. Consortium began as informally organized Colloquium sessions by and for PhD students in the UPPP and PUAD Ph.D. programs with the goal of driving student engagement through networking and peer-to-peer learning. It was recognized early on that students would benefit from a platform which allows them to get involved in and learn from each other’s research activities, making for an enriching doctoral research experience. In the process, students would also benefit from developing effective skills in problem-solving, solution-sharing for academic learning and professional development and public speaking — skills that are critical but not often gained through formal teaching and independent research.

In addition to representing the Ph.D. student voice and connecting it to the CAPPA administration, the Consortium provides academic and professional skill-building and peer-mentorship activities for CAPPA Ph.D. students.

2023-2024 Officers


Name and Email

President Jala Morrow
Vice President  Trevor Meagher
Treasurer  Genesis Gavino
Communications Liaison  Cheryl Donaldson