Meet the leadership team that continues to advance the growth of the CAPPA community

Maria Martinez-Cosio

Interim Dean, Professor of Public Affairs - As an urban sociologist, she researches the relationship between private foundations engaged in community development, and the underserved communities targeted for change, particularly those populated by English-language learners.

Rebecca Boles

Rebecca Boles

Assistant Dean of Academic and Student Affairs - Associate Professor of Interior Design has numerous publications in "Texas Architect"

Douglas Klahr

Associate Dean for Faculty and Student Affairs - As an architectural historian, his research has two principal strands: architecture of the German Empire (1871-1918) and architectural photography of European cities from 1900 through the Third Reich, with a focus upon stereoscopic photography.

Brad Bell

Brad Bell

Director of the School of Architecture - Researches innovative material applications and the integration of advanced digital technologies into the architectural design process with a focus on the use of digital fabrication and cast materials.

David Coursey

Chair of Public Affairs and Planning - Program Director for the Masters of Public Administration researches public management, especially public/private comparative research, public service motivation, organizational environments, public personnel retention and recruitment

Ivonne Audirac

Director of the Planning Program - Theory Driven and interdisciplinary research focuses on the social, ecological, economic, and policy dimensions of the processes of urbanization and urban development

Karabi Bezboruah

Director of Planning and Public Affairs Ph.D. Programs - Researches cross-sector collaboration, nonprofit management and leadership, strategic management, community development, cross-sector comparisons, NGOs - organizational role, gender role, leadership role & NGO effectiveness.

Diane Jones Allen

Director of Landscape Architecture - Established a national reputation by bridging practice and research in the areas of transportation access, sustainability, and environmental justice for the holistic integration of academic productivity with successful and meaningful practice

Austin Allen

Austin Allen

Interim Director of Landscape Architecture - Previously served as an associate professor in Landscape Architecture and an associate professor in Film and Communication at other universities to combine the two fields into his research

Barbara Marini

Director of Interior Design Programs - Research focuses on leadership, creativity, and innovation that seeks to inform organizations and institutions by speaking on design and industry-related issues, serving on numerous professional panels, and authoring that has recognized her work and service to the profession and design education.

Cheryl Donaldson

Cheryl Donaldson

Director of Academics and Student Affairs - Advising Supervisor and Assistant Adjunct Professor