Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Education:

  • Early Childhood through Grade 6/ESL
  • Early Childhood through Grade 6/Bilingual
  • English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies: Grades 4-8

Bachelor of Science in Education:

  • Early Childhood through Grade 6/Special Education
  • Mathematics/Science: Grades 4-8

Other Undergraduate Certification Areas


Graduate Certification Programs:

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador -

Meet Januari

UT Arlington was my dream school. I liked that it was close to the DFW area but was also close to my parents home in Killeen. I was able to be away...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Kathryn

I heard and researched a lot about UT Arlington's Education program and it is top notch.

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Devinne

I chose to go to UTA because it was a local school to me, being from the Fort Worth area. I love its location, in the middle of two major...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Ashley

UTA is a great school for a variety of degrees, and not knowing exactly what I wanted to major in this aspect appealed to me. I also live here so it...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Jenica

I wanted to finish my last two years back at home in Arlington.

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Lily

I chose to attend UTA because of the diverse student population. Financially as well UTA provided the best scholarships out there for me which is what...

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Madison

I chose to attend UT Arlington for it’s accessibility and affordability. I love the campus, and all of the different places there are to study....

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Yanelli

I love how my professors have always been so helpful and encouraging and have always been available in person and virtually.

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Student Ambassador -

Meet Dalila

I choose UTA because I was able to commute easier to school and work. I also choose UTA because it’s an affordable school and it was one of my...

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