Out-of-State Students

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires candidates seeking certification to complete all clinical teaching, practicum, and internship experiences at a site approved by the UTA EPP and TEA. Out-of-state students who do not complete field experiences at a UTA and TEA-approved site do not qualify to be recommended for Texas educator certification.

If your mailing address is outside the state of Texas at initial time of enrollment, you may not be able to enroll in the program. Please check the information listed below to determine if your program leads to licensure and if it meets professional licensure requirements in your state.

The following programs lead to educator certification/licensure:

  • B.A. in Education with EC-6 ESL
  • B.A. in Education with EC-6 Bilingual
  • B.A. in Education with 4-8 Mid-Level English Language Arts & Reading/Social Studies
  • B.S. in Education with 4-8 Mid-Level Math/Science
  • B.S. in Education with EC-12 Special Education and EC-6 Core Subjects
  • B.F.A. in Art Education EC-12 Teacher Certification
  • B.A. in English Language Arts with 7-12 Teacher Certification
  • B.A. in History with Social Studies 7-12 Teacher Certification
  • B.A. in Kinesiology with EC-12 Teacher Certification
  • M.Ed. in Literacy Studies (Licensure track only)
  • M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (Licensure track only)

State(s) where it has been determined that these programs MEET educational requirements:


State(s) where it has been determined these programs DO NOT MEET/CANNOT DETERMINE educational requirements:


UTA’s programs leading to Texas educator certification are designed to meet requirements in the state of Texas. Some UTA programs may lead to certification in other states as well, however, some locations may not allow UTA programs to lead to certification and others may have additional requirements that are not met by the programs at UTA. If seeking certification outside of Texas, please work with your state agency in the state in which you are seeking certification to verify this information, determine eligibility, and complete any additional requirements. UTA cannot recommend out-of-state students for certification and cannot recommend out-of-state students to take Texas certification exam(s). Additionally, UTA faculty and staff cannot complete out-of-state form requests for individuals seeking certification, licensure, and/or endorsements in another state.