Students who hold a Bachelor’s degree must obtain teacher certification at the graduate level at The University of Texas at Arlington. Teacher certification can be earned either through a certification-only program (non-degree seeking) or the Master of Education in Teaching. Click on the program you are interested in to view the coursework required for that program, as well as other helpful information.

If you were previously enrolled in another Texas Teacher Educator Preparation Program; Alternative Certification Program or University-Based Program, you must email and request a TEA Transfer of Data Form. Failure to do so will result in delay of your program continuance.


Levels of Certification and Programs Available

Early Childhood - Grade 6 ESL/Core Subjects Early Childhood - Grade 6 ESL/Core Subjects
Early Childhood - Grade 6 Bilingual Core Subjects (Not currently accepting students)
Early Childhood - Grade 6 Bilingual Core Subjects (Not currently accepting students)
Mid-Level (4-8) Mid-Level (4-8)
Secondary (7-12) and All-Level (EC-12) Secondary (7-12) and All-Level (EC-12)

CONTENT: If you wish to pursue Mid-Level, Secondary, or All-Level certification, you must choose a subject you wish to teach. This is what the state refers to as your 'Content Area'. You must have a minimum of 24 undergraduate hours in your chosen content area and at least half of those hours must be junior/senior level classes. Your content must be verified by a professor in your discipline who has been designated as a Content Advisor before you will be permitted to enroll in Education coursework.

Content Area Declaration

If the Content Advisor finds that you must take more than 12 hours to complete your content coursework, you will have to complete them before beginning the certification program. All content coursework must be completed before you can begin student teaching!

Teacher certification levels and content areas offered with Partner Colleges and Schools

EC-6 Core Subjects/ESL/STR
English Language Arts and Reading Art

History Music

Social Studies Physical Education
MID-LEVEL (GRADES 4-8) Mathematics
English Language Arts and Reading Life Science
Social Studies Science

Mathematics Physical Science (6-12)


English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies (4-8)
Mathematics/Science (4-8)

Please note: EC - Grade 6 Certification Bilingual with Core Subjects certification is not currently accepting students at this time.

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