In attempting to resolve any student grievances regarding grades, it is the student’s obligation first to make a serious effort to resolve the matter with the individual with whom the grievance originated. Individual course instructors retain primary responsibility for assigning grades. The instructor’s judgment is final unless compelling evidence shows preferential treatment or procedural irregularities.

If students wish to appeal, their request must be submitted in writing—on an appeal form available in departmental or program offices—to the department chair or program director. The student has one calendar year from the date the grade is assigned to initiate the grievance. The normal academic channels are department chair or program director and then academic Dean. However, before considering a grievance, the department chair or program director will refer the issue to a departmental or program committee of faculty. If the student does not find the committee’s decision acceptable, the student may appeal to the academic Dean. The decision of the Dean is final. Information specific to the procedures to be followed in each academic unit is available in the office of the academic Dean.


(Note: For consideration, follow the procedures as outlined)

  1. Before making an appeal of a grade, you must have attempted to resolve your complaint with the instructor who issued the grade.
  2. If you wish to appeal a grade, complete both pages of the “Student Academic Grievance Form for Appeal of a Grade” (use additional sheets of paper if necessary, but be sure to put your name on each additional page). Your grievance will be reviewed on the basis of the paperwork that you submit (i.e. this form and any supporting materials you may wish to submit with this form). Therefore, be thorough in your documentation. Return the completed form to the appropriate department chair.
  3. Before considering a grievance, the department chair will refer the issue to a departmental committee comprised of faculty.
  4. If the committee cannot reach a decision acceptable to the parties involved, the department chair will issue a decision on the grievance.
  5. If you are dissatisfied with the department chair’s decision, you may appeal the case to the Dean of the College of Education. The Dean of the College of Education will inform the student of his/her decision in writing and this decision is final. The decision will be mailed to the student at the address that is entered on this form.