Graduate Advisors

Our staff advisors help students with registering for classes, and they can answer questions about enrollment, degree plans, transcripts, graduate school forms and policies, and more. If you have a question and you're unsure whom to contact, feel free to e-mail your staff advisor and your advisor will assist you or connect you with individuals/resources who can assist. Graduate advising is required for students each semester they are enrolled; students will not be able to enroll in classes until they have been advised and have been cleared/approved to enroll. 

NOTE: All scheduled appointments will be conducted online via Zoom or Teams. Your advisor will email you the join link prior to the meeting. If you do not receive a meeting link, please email the advisor and request one. 


Faculty Advisors / Program Coordinators

Faculty advisors are responsible for a student's program of work. Contact your faculty advisor with questions regarding the courses you should take, transfer courses, practicum, student teaching, testing, certification, etc.

Connect with us

To contact your graduate advisor or program coordinator, please click the link below to email us.