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Dr. Carla Amaro-Jiménez

Associate Department Chair

Associate Professor, Literacy/ESL

Research Interests: English language learners, teacher prep, student success


Email: amaro@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3346

Office: 511a Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Carla Amaro-Jiménez is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). As an experienced bilingual education teacher and educator, she now works with pre- and in-service teachers as well as administrators who work with English learners and their families. Her research focuses on the intersections between teacher preparation, classroom instruction, and family involvement to identify additive practices to support English learners and Hispanic students in diverse 21st century classrooms. She also served as the Director of the Pathways to College Access and Career Readiness Program for almost a decade; Pathways included the implementation of UTA-manned GO Centers at 24 area high schools, early college experiences, and parent/community outreach.

Dr. Amy Anderson

Clinical Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Central office-principal relations, early principalship, rural vs. urban mentoring, academic and athletic success


Email: amy.anderson@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2846

Office: 103A Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Anderson brings with her rich set of experiences as a respected practitioner in the EC-12 world, including most recently serving as Chief Academic Officer for Secondary Schools in a high performing district in the DFW area. She has served as a principal for over ten years and served seven years at central office where her primary responsibility was supervising campus principals K-12. She has worked in large urban districts and small fast-growth districts around DFW. As an Assistant Superintendent Dr Anderson was known for her ability to navigate the change process and provide authentic engagement with stakeholders in the organizations where she served. She provided training, support, evaluation, and hiring of both assistant principals and principals alike for many years. Preparation, coaching and support for campus and district leaders is her passion.  She is a graduate of Howard Payne University. Her graduate work was completed at Texas A&M Commerce, and she received her Superintendent's certification right here at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Carrie Ausbrooks

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Education law, organizational systems, school choice, organizational theory and behavior, education reform


Email: causbrooks@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5475

Office: 109C Trimble Hall

Dr. Jennifer Bailey

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: School improvement, organizational change, leadership


Email: jennifer.bailey@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3037

Office: 103-J Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Bailey is an assistant professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department where she teaches in the AO Principal Preparation Program and the Ph.D. Program. A former EC-12 administrator, Dr. Bailey served as an elementary principal at two turnaround campuses, a coordinator for a SB1882 charter network, and a director for Bilingual/ESL, RtI and Section 504. While leading in the public schools, Dr. Bailey also served as an adjunct professor in the principal preparation program at SFASU and presented extensively at the state and national level on topics in leadership and English Learner instruction. Her dissertation, “Tener Éxito: Stories of Self-efficacy from Undocumented Latinos in the Pursuit of Higher Education,” was recognized as Dissertation of the Year from TCPEA in 2014. Dr. Bailey’s experiences as a school administrator fuels her research passion for improving equity and access for all learners. As a qualitative researcher, she focuses on organizational and instructional practices for diverse student populations, social and emotional learning (SEL), restorative discipline, the principalship, and narrative inquiry.

Dr. Casey Brown

Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Education

Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Crisis leadership, certification policy

Email: cgbrown@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-0464

Office: 507 Hammond Hall

Dr. Elsa Camargo

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Diversity and inclusion, organizational culture, and faculty

Camargo E

Dr. Ann Cavallo

Assistant Vice Provost and Director, Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence (CRTLE)

Distinguished University Professor, Science Education

Research Interests: Meaningful learning, scientific reasoning


Email: cavallo@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-6049

Office: SH 224A

Dr. Annie Daly

Instructor, Literacy Studies

Research Interests: Literacy, racial equity, social justice, pre/inservice teacher education, elementary education, multicultural children's literature


Bio: Annie Daly-Lesch is an Instructor of Literacy Studies in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education. Prior to earning her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin, Annie was a classroom teacher for seven years, serving students from diverse racial, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds and is a certified reading specialist in Texas. Annie’s current research examines how two elementary inservice teachers enact antiracist pedagogy by talking about race and racism with their students when teaching reading. Her work has been published in the Journal of Literacy Research, Teaching and Teacher Education, Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice and Texas Education Review.

Dr. Teresa Taber Doughty

Dean, College of Education

Professor, Special Education

Research Interests: Assistive tech, severe disability, ABA, CBI


Email: teresa.doughty@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-0576

Office: 511a Hammond Hall

Bio: Author of more than 60 professional publications, her research focuses on instructional and inclusive practices in special education, the use of assistive technologies with students who experience severe disabilities and autism, applied behavior analysis, and community-based instruction.  

Dr. Frederick Engram

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Criminology/Criminal Justice and

The Center for African American Studies (Joint Appointment)

Research Interests: Race, Racism in higher education and criminal justice


Email: frederick.engram@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-9646

Office: Swift Center Suite 129

Bio: Dr Frederick V. Engram Jr. is an Assistant Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas at Arlington in the Department of Criminology/Criminal Justice and the Center for African American Studies. His current research and teaching focuses on the role that race, and racism play in the systems of higher education and criminal justice. He focuses more broadly on the way that racism, white supremacy, white manning, and white privilege display themselves in power structures and how they oppress African Americans. His work considers how African Americans make sense of their experiences with racism in education and society at large. He has previously published his work in media outlets such as "Blavity" and "Diverse Issues in Higher Education."

Dr. Sonja Ezell

Visiting Assistant Professor, EC-6

Research Interests: Early childhood, literacy, educator preparation, multicultural children’s lit, social-emotional learning

Email: sonja.ezell@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5325

Office: 322P Science Hall

Dr. Ambra Green

Associate Professor, Special Education

Research Interests: Multi-tiered systems of support and equity, disproportionality, equity, behavioral disorders


Email: ambra.green@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2515

Office: 412 Hammond Hall

Bio: Ambra L. Green, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Special Education within the College of Education at The University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Green is a national scholar with publications and research focused on students of color with and at-risk for disabilities, issues related to inequitable school practices experienced by students of color (i.e., disproportionality in special education and discipline practices), behavior disorders, positive behavioral interventions and supports, and teacher use of evidence-based practices. She is the Primary Investigator on a $1.1 million U.S. Department of Education Office for Special Education Programs (OSEP) personnel preparation grant which provides rigorous training for master’s special education and social work students to support K-12 students with disabilities and high intensity needs. Dr. Green also has experience working within the U.S. Department of Education Office for Special Education Programs (OSEP) and serves on the OSEP National Technical Assistance Center on PBIS Equity workgroup  Dr. Green was a special educator at the middle school level and a PBIS Coach. She holds current teacher certifications in EC-6 Generalist, 4-8 Generalist, and EC-12 Special Education in the state of Texas. 

Brenda Harris

Supervisor of Field Experiences, College of Education Accelerated Online Programs

Clinical Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Urban education


Email: brenda-harris@uta.edu

Office: 508 Carlisle Hall

Dr. Melissa Hulings

Assistant Professor, Science Education

Research Interests: Student science conceptual development, science education in elementary school


Email: hulings@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-6332

Office: 503A Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Melissa Hulings has experience teaching science in grades 6-12. Her research interests include pre-service and in-service teacher attitudes and self-efficacy in science teaching.

Dr. Holly Hungerford-Kresser

Associate Professor, Literacy Studies and English Education

Research Interests: Teacher education, postsecondary literacies, digital literacies, underserved student populations


Email: hkresser@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2524

Office: 416 Hammond Hall

Dr. Bree A. Jimenez

Associate Professor, Special Education

Research Interests: General curriculum access, severe disabilities, STEM, systematic instruction


Email: bree.jimenez@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3339

Office: 508 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Bree Jimenez is an Associate Professor of Special Education. She has worked in the field of special education for over 20 years, as a classroom teacher supporting students in both elementary and high school, grant-funded research liaison between a local school system and university, then Lead Research Associate for an U.S. federally funded grant with the department of Special Education and Child Development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. From 2017-2019, Dr. Jimenez served as a Research Consultant with Mater Dei School in Camden, New South Wales and an Honorary Research Associate in Special Education with the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on general curriculum access and assessment for students with intellectual disabilities and autism. Specifically, Dr. Jimenez’ research focuses on math, science, and STEM instruction for students with extensive support needs. She is the author/co-author of over 20 peer-reviewed journals articles, multiple book chapters, and several books on strategies to support academics for students with disabilities. Dr. Jimenez is an executive board member of the Division for Research (DR) and the Division for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Dr. Jimenez is an author of the internationally implemented academic classroom curriculums: Teaching to Standards: Math; Teaching to Standards: Science; Early Numeracy; Early Science; Access Algebra and Access Geometry.

Dr. Robin Jocius

Associate Professor, Literacy Studies

Research Interests: Multimodality, making, teacher PD, computational thinking, critical literacy


Email: robin.jocius@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5031

Office: 509 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Robin Jocius is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education. A former classroom teacher and interventionist, Dr. Jocius earned her Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Culture from Vanderbilt University, where her research and teaching focused on children and adolescents’ interactions with new and digital media. Dr. Jocius’s teaching and research interests include critical literacy, digital literacies, teacher learning, and the development of instructional contexts that support culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Her current research is funded by the National Science Foundation and investigates how critical, multimodal Making can enable more equitable access to computing and computational thinking in K-12 classrooms. Her work has been published in the Journal of Literacy Research, Language Arts, The Reading Teacher, English Journal, and Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice. 

Dr. Candace Joswick

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education

Research Interests: Learning trajectories and progressions, classroom interactions and language, and technology


Email: candace.joswick@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-9620

Office: 414 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Candace Joswick is an assistant professor of mathematics education, the director and PI of the grant-funded UTA Project ECHO® for Education, and Program Coordinator of STEM Education at UTA. Joswick’s research foci are include learning trajectories and progressions, classroom interactions and language, and technology.

Dr. Hugh Kellam

Clinical Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences


Dr. Christopher Kribs

Professor, Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Research interests: Mathematics education and mathematical biology


Email: kribs@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5513

Office: 483 Pickard Hall

Bio: Dr. Christopher Kribs is Distinguished Teaching Professor and Distinguished Research Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington, where he has held a joint appointment in Mathematics and Curriculum & Instruction since 1997. He developed and has directed UTA's graduate program in K-8 mathematics education since 2000, which has offered professional development to over 200 local K-8 teachers. His research interests in mathematical biology include modeling vector-borne diseases and zoonoses. His research interests in mathematics education include classroom discourse analysis and the learning and teaching of operations on rational numbers.

Dr. Joohi Lee

Interim Department Chair

Professor, Early Childhood Mathematics Education

Research Interests: Children’s math proficiency, racial/ethnic gaps in math


Email: joohilee@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2264

Office: 322C Science Hall

Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik

Department Chair

Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Translational neuroscience, equity assessment

Dr. Marilee Ludvik

Email: marilee.ludvik@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2841

Office: 109B Trimble Hall

Bio: Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Ph.D. serves as chair and professor of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department at the University of Texas Arlington. Marilee has written 12 books, published over 200 scholarly articles, and empowered over 200 institutions and their leaders on organizational learning assessment and accountability decision-making processes. Marilee’s research focuses on using translational neuroscience and mindful compassion practices to inform the design and evaluation of workshops, curriculum, and coaching practices to decrease students’, faculty, and administrators’ stress and anxiety while also increasing their attention and emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility, and enhancing compassion towards self and other, inquiry, creativity, overall well-being, and career readiness. Marilee is thrilled that she gets to empower educators, staff, administrators, and student leaders to get in touch with their passions so they can positively transform their lives and the lives of those they serve!

Dr. Joyce Myers

Clinical Assistant Professor, Early Childhood – Grade 6 Education

Email: rjem@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-6137

Office: 410 Hammond Hall

Dr. Amanda Olsen

Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences

Research Interests: Equity, school climate, and quantitative methods


Email: amanda.olsen@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5641

Office: 413 Hammond Hall

Bio: Amanda Olsen, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Measurement and Statistics who is joint appointed to the department of Curriculum and Instruction and Education Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. She received her Ph.D. in Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education from the University of Missouri - Columbia and was also a postdoctoral research associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Further, she has received rigorous training in educational methodologies from entities such as the Institute of Education Sciences, the Association for Institutional Research, and the National Center for Education Statistics. As an applied quantitative methodologist, she engages in a variety of areas including multilevel modeling, multivariate statistics, program evaluation, research design, and complex survey design and analysis, in addition to substantive topics including equity, student-teacher relationships, and policy.

Dr. Diane Patrick

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Email: dpatrick@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-0988

Office: 104A Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Diane Patrick brings a long history of public service and dedication to education to her teaching and research in the College of Education. Issues of education policy, including school finance and governance from PK-16, are particular interests of hers. Dr. Patrick is an experienced public educator, having taught and served in administration roles in Waco, Richardson, and Birdville ISDs. Dr. Patrick has been very politically active in the Arlington community, having served 26+ years in various positions of elected public service, including service on the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees, Texas State Board of Education, and the Texas House of Representatives. In January 2015, Dr. Patrick retired from the Legislature, a position she held for eight years. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and serves as the Superintendent Program Director, as well as teaching in the M.Ed. and Principal Certification Programs. In 2015 Dr Patrick was honored by the Arlington ISD when they named a new school “Diane Patrick Elementary.” She currently serves as a Board Member and Secretary of the Tarrant County College District, a position she has held since 2016.

Dr. Paul Polanco

Assistant Professor, Bilingual Education

Research Interests: Literacy development, educational outcomes, K-16


Email: paul.polanco@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-6137

Office: 328A Science Hall

Bio: Dr. Paul Polanco is an Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. As a former bilingual teacher in Dallas, he uses his experience to prepare future bilingual teachers. His research explores the impact of bilingualism and bilingual education on educational, economic, and social outcomes of the Latinx community in the United States. Specifically, he looks at ways to improve the outcomes of bilingual children's through improvement in daily instruction and through changes in policy and practice. His publications span over areas of literacy development to practice improvement in the bilingual education setting.

Dr. Kathryn Pole

Associate Professor, Literacy Studies

Research Interests: Literacy, family literacy, literacy teaching, teacher development


Email: kpole@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2240

Office: 415 Hammond Hall

Dr. Catherine Robert

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Employee misconduct, turnover, leader development, policy implementation/analysis, education law


Email: catherine.robert@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-0463

Office: 103G Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Catherine Robert is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department and Co-Director of the Center for Educational Research, Policy, and Practice. She received her B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Houston, her M.Ed. from Schreiner University, and her Ed.D. from The University of Texas at San Antonio. She specializes in human resource topics including employee misconduct, employee turnover, and policy implementation. Prior to completing doctoral work, Dr. Robert served as a teacher, analyst, and administrator at campus, district, and regional levels, most recently as executive director of human resources in a school district. 

Dr. Daniel Robinson

Associate Dean of Research, College of Education

Professor, Learning Sciences

Research Interests: Learning and technology


Email: daniel.robinson@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-0116

Office: 504 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Daniel Robinson is Associate Dean of Research and the K-16 Mind, Brain, and Education Endowed Chair in the College of Education. He previously served as Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UTA from 2017-2020 and Director of the School of Education at Colorado State University from 2012-2013. As a faculty member, he has taught at Mississippi State University (1993-1997), the University of South Dakota (1997-1998), the University of Louisville (1998-1999), the University of Texas at Austin (1999-2012), and Colorado State University (2012-2015). Dan served as Editor of Educational Psychology Review from 2006-2015 and as Associate Editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology from 2014-2020. He has also served as an editorial board member of nine refereed international journals. Dan has published over 100 articles, books, and book chapters, presented over 100 papers at research conferences, and taught over 100 college courses. His research interests include educational technology innovations that may facilitate learning and team-based approaches to learning. He was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand and was named as one of the most published authors in educational psychology journals from 1991-2002, 2003-2008, and 2009-2014, Contemporary Educational Psychology, 2004, 2010, 2015.

Dr. Ericka Roland

Assistant Professor, Leadership Development

Research Interests: Leadership development, critical pedagogies, equity in higher education


Email: ericka.roland@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2804

Office: 103E Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Ericka Roland  is an assistant professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department at The University of Texas at Arlington. Her research examines critical leadership development in postsecondary educational settings through two interconnected lines of inquiry: 1) The dynamics of dialogical relationships; and 2) The lived leadership experiences of historically minoritized persons. In the study of critical leadership development, she centers questions through the problems and possibilities for leading to enact equity and justice. Prior to entering academia, she worked as a student affairs professional in residential life and Greek life. 

Dr. John Romig

Assistant Professor, Special Education

Research Interests: Writing assessment and writing instruction, SCRD, meta-analyses, RCT


Email: john.romig@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-1444

Office: 418 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. John Elwood Romig is an assistant professor of special education. He is a former high school special education teacher with experience teaching students with mild-moderate disabilities, including learning disabilities, dyslexia, intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other disabilities. His experience as a classroom teacher influences his research and preparation of future teachers. His research examines methods of writing instruction and writing assessments that can be used to guide instruction and improve outcomes for students with disabilities. He was recognized as a Lasting Legacy Honoree at the University of Virginia for his teaching, and his dissertation received the Student Research Award from the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division for Research. He serves on the editorial review board for several journals, including Teacher Education and Special Education, Intervention in School and Clinic, and Journal of Special Education Technology.  

Dr. Luis Rosado

Professor, Bilingual Education

Research Interests: Certification exams, teacher candidate spanish proficiency


Email: rosado@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-7567

Office: 328B Science Hall

Bio: Dr. Luis A. Rosado is a Professor of Bilingual Education and Founding Director of the Center for Bilingual and ESL Education in the College of Education at the University of Texas at Arlington. He holds degrees from the University of Puerto Rico, Boston State College, and Texas A&I University, now Texas A & M–Kingsville. Prior to coming to UT-Arlington, Dr. Rosado held academic appointments at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Texas Southern University, and Texas Woman’s University. Dr. Rosado has over 36 years of teaching experience at the elementary, high school, and college levels. He has taught in Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, and in Texas. In Massachusetts, he worked as a bilingual social studies high school teacher, and in Texas he taught third grade bilingual. In Puerto Rico, he taught high school history, and served as a program coordinator and instructor in a bilingual teacher preparation program. Dr. Rosado has authored or co-authored several articles and books in the areas of pedagogy and professional responsibilities, parental involvement, cross-cultural communication, preparation for teacher certification exams, and Spanish for bilingual teachers. Among his best-known publications are a series of books to prepare pre-service teachers to take teacher certification examinations—TExES Core Subject EC-6 exam, the PRAXIS II: English to Speakers of Other Languages, the Bilingual Supplemental Exam, and a book to prepare students for the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT)—Desarrollo del Español para Maestros en Programas de Educación Bilingüe.

Dr. Dora Salazar

Clinical Assistant Professor, EC6 Bilingual/ESL Program

Research Interests: ELL demographic trends, bilingual/ESL teacher prep, instructional models


Email: dora.salazar@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-7571

Office: 320A Science Hall

Dr. Kathleen Tice

Clinical Assistant Professor, Literacy Studies

Email: ktice@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5167

Office: 412 Hammond Hall

Dr. Barbara Tobolowsky

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research interests: Dual credit, transfer, media representations of college, sophomores and first-generation students


Email: tobolow@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-7269

Office: 104B Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Barbara Tobolowsky  is an associate professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department and the ELPS PhD program director. After earning her PhD in Higher Education and Organizational Change from UCLA in 2001, she served as the associate director of the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina-Columbia. Since joining the UT Arlington faculty in 2009, her research has focused on students’ college transitions (e.g., transfer, dual credit, and first-year college students) and popular media representations of higher education. Most recently, she co-wrote articles about the college experiences of foster alumni, “Former foster youth experiences with higher education: Opportunities and Challenges” (2019) and the college choice process for transfer students, “Stops, starts, and detours: Transfer students’ college choice process,” and co-edited a book, Anti-Intellectual Representations of American Colleges and Universities: Fictional Higher Education (Palgrave MacMillan) (2017)  as well as On the Fast Track: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of Dual Credit (2016).  In addition, she has been published in The Journal of Higher Education and College Student Affairs Journal among others. 

Dr. Jodi Tommerdahl

Associate Professor, Learning Sciences

Research Interests: Language impairment, reasoning, neuroscience, EEG, corpus linguistics


Email: joditom@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-1242

Office: 413 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Jodi Tommerdahl is an Associate Professor in the department of Curriculum & Instruction. She received her undergraduate degree in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Minnesota, followed by a Masters Degree in European Languages at the University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College. She carried out her doctoral studies in Linguistics and Neuroscience in Paris at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales under the direction of Professor Oswald Ducrot and at the Sorbonne (Paris IV) supervised by the Sorbonne’s President, Professor Georges Molinié. She spent three years working at the University Hospital in Poitiers, France in the Department of Neurology, directed by Dr. Roger Gil where she worked with patients with aphasia. She has been on faculty at the University of Central England (now known as Birmingham City University) and the University of Birmingham, both times in departments of Speech and Language Pathology. She currently directs UTA’s Master’s program in Mind, Brain and Education and is a productive researcher with publications in linguistics, speech and language pathology and the neuroscience of reasoning and emotion.

Dr. Maria Trache

Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: Higher ed, K-16 pathways, life course res, STEM ed, internationalization, labor market, social equity


Email: mtrache@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2109

Office: 103F Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Maria Trache is a professor in the College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies since August 2011, following 14 years as Statistical Consultant and Research Manager at the University of British Columbia and over 15 years as a faculty at the University of Bucharest. She brings over 30 years of combined teaching and research experience from both science and social sciences to UTA. As an educational researcher, Dr. Trache focuses on equity issues in higher education and the labor market by examining the effects of structural differences at the intersection of gender, race, social class, immigrant status, disability. Her research is informed by theoretical frameworks from sociology, economics of education, and life course research. She has expertise in advanced quantitative methods, survey methods and analysis of large-scale survey data. Dr. Trache is author/co-author of about 45 publications in peer-reviewed journals, edited books, working paper series. She currently serves as a member on the Sociology/Demography Insight Grants Selection Committee for the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Dr. Deborah Williams

Visiting Assistant Professor, Literacy Studies

Research Interests: Educator preparation, teaching reading, action research

Email: deborah.williams@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2274

Office: 320B Science Hall

Bio: Dr. Deborah Williams serves as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department’s Literacy Studies Program. She teaches courses for the reading specialist certification and assists with managing data. Prior to joining the University of Texas at Arlington, Dr. Williams was an associate professor and undergraduate reading program coordinator at Stephen F. Austin State University and assistant professor at Cameron University. During her nine years as teacher educator, Dr. Williams has mentored teacher candidates and literacy professionals in Lawton Public Schools, Dallas, Nacogdoches and Frisco Independent School Districts. Dr. Williams’ research interests involve mixed methods related to program impact, development of teacher candidates in the science of teaching reading, and action research.

Dr. Cynthia Woody

Clinical Assistant Professor, Administrator Education

Research Interests: New principal support, online learning


Email: cynthia.woody@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-1382

Office: 103H Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Woody is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at The University of Texas at Arlington. Her research interests include new principal support, effective online learning, leadership preparation, school leadership policy, school safety, the role of educational technology in schools, stakeholder involvement in the continuous improvement process, the principal as an instructional leader, and the connection between school performance and school facility design. Prior to joining UT Arlington, Dr. Woody served as an elementary, middle school, and high school teacher; principal of Title 1 elementary and middle schools; and a central office leader at multiple Texas school districts. She is a prolific contributor to the field of public education and has been presenting at local, regional, state, national, and international conferences for three decades.

Dr. Jiyoon Yoon

Associate Professor, Early Childhood – Grade 6 Science Education

Research Interests: Science education, culturally-responsive, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach


Email: jiyoon@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-1268

Office: 322A Science Hall

Dr. Yi (Leaf) Zhang

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Research Interests: College access, student transition & success, STEM education


Email: lyzhang@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-9221

Office: 103D Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Yi Leaf Zhang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. Zhang has developed a strong interest in studying college access and success, especially in the community college context. Her research focuses on community colleges as a gateway to STEM education, transfer students’ educational pathways, and international education in four-year and two-year institutions. Zhang is currently an editorial board member of the Community College Journal of Research and Practice (CCJRP) and an associate editor of the Journal of International Students (JIS).

Dr. Katharine E. Adams

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Stephen A. Berg

Adjunct Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Associate Director, Apartment and Residence Life


Email: sberg@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2926

Office: 600 Spaniolo Dr., Suite 100

Dr. Steven Bourgeois

Adjunct Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Bio: Dr. Steven Bourgeois is an adjunct professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. In addition to teaching qualitative research courses at UT Arlington, he serves as adjunct professor and research fellow at the University of Dallas. After teaching high school German for 25 years, he served for six years as Executive Director of Research, Evaluation, and Instruction at Responsive Education Solutions, one of the largest charter school organizations in Texas. He completed a B.A. in Music, a B.A. in German, and an M.A. in German Literature, all from the University of Oregon. In 2012, he completed a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at UT Arlington. Dr. Bourgeois has a record of publications in peer-reviewed educational journals and presentations at state, regional, national, and international conferences in the areas of student motivation, collective teacher efficacy, and school leadership. He has recent publications in the Journal of Educational Administration and Research in Middle Level Education Online. Currently, he is the lead investigator in a national study on character / virtue education in collaboration with the University of Dallas and the Jubilee Center at the University of Birmingham (UK).

Dr. Throy Campbell

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Dr. Maria Yareli Delgado

Adjunct Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Dr. Mari Duncan

Director, Apartment and Residence Life

Adjunct Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Veronica Guzman, M.ED.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Bio: Veronica Guzmna, M.ED., is a proud UTA alumni who received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education and Masters of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas Arlington. She currently serves as the Associate Director in the Follett Student Leadership Center, providing experiential leadership development programs, and as an adjunct professor teaching EDAD 2330, Advanced Theories of Leadership. Veronica enjoys expanding people’s views of effective leadership strategies and using leadership development as a tool to empower students toward continual growth and success.

Dr. Chane Rascoe

Adjunct Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Bio: Dr. Chane Rascoe has served the interest of public schools spanning two decades in various positions in both large and small school systems. His administrative career is broad and extensive which includes 15 years as an Administrator in five districts, two states, and one higher education institution. Since 2016, Dr. Rascoe has been the Superintendent of Lampasas ISD; from 2011 to 2016, he was Superintendent of Moody ISD. He is a graduate of Northwestern State University, Stephen F. Austin State University, and Lamar University.

Jennifer Saperstein

Assistant Director | Apartment and Residence Life

Research Assistant, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


Hanan Almasri

Graduate Research Assistant

Fallon Frank

Graduate Research Assistant

Tatiana Kurochkina

Graduate Research Assistant