Upon admission to the program, you will meet with your program director to create a program of work. This will plot out what courses you will take each semester until you complete the program.

Total Hours: 30


Course of Study

 EDUC 5305  Effective Teaching and Learning for 21st Century EC-12 Students  3
 EDUC 5309  Advanced Teaching Models for Diverse Learners  3
 EDUC 5394  Understanding and Designing Classroom Research  3
 EDUC 5397  Implementing and Disseminating Classroom Research (Capstone)  3

Six courses chosen which support the candidate's professional growth, an additional academic discipline or an add-on certificate such as ESL or Bilingual. Prior approval of the coursework by the faculty advisor is required. Two of these six focus area courses must be 5000-level EDUC classes.

 53XX  Choose courses in consultation with your program director  3
 53XX    3
 53XX    3
 53XX    3
 53XX    3
 53XX    3

Program Coordinator

Dr. Jiyoon Yoon

Associate Professor, Early Childhood – Grade 6 Science Education

Research Interests: Science education, culturally-responsive, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach


Email: jiyoon@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-1268

Office: 322A Science Hall

Graduate Advisor


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