Admissions Forms

Non-Regionally Accredited Transfer Credit Request

For undergraduate students who have taken courses at institutions of higher education that are not regionally accredited. Courses must be submitted to be reviewed by faculty in the academic department.

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Residency Upload Form

For undergraduate and graduate students who want to claim residency status. This includes financial, immigration and residency documents.

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Degreed Student Objective

For applicants who have a bachelor's degree from UTA or a previous institution.

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Undergraduate Change of Major

For prospective students who wish to change their major. The Office of Admissions will only accept requests for change of major by students who are NOT currently enrolled. If you are an enrolled student, please meet with your academic advisor.

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Meningitis Submission

Please submit meningitis documentation through this form. If you fail to submit meningitis documents, you will be restricted from registering for classes

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RN License Verification

For Accelerated Online Nursing Students Only. Must provide verification of an unencumbered license for acceptance into the Nursing program.

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AO Online RN to MSN Supplemental Questions

Complete this form if you are requesting to change your application to the online RN to MSN program.

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