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Earn your Principal Certification and prepare for the TExES Principal exam—in just one year! Our 100% online program you the expertise and experience needed to complete your principal certification.

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Our accelerated online programs offer multiple start dates and are ideal for students who seek to balance a job, a family, an education, and a social life.

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If you have a master’s degree, you may be eligible to take 18 additional hours (six online courses + 250 hour practicum experience) through our department and earn the credentials needed to become a campus principal or an assistant principal. This principal certificate program is fully aligned with the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Program Recognition Standards and designed for classroom teachers who want to advance in K-12 education.

Successfully prepare for your role as a school principal or instructional leader with the accelerated online Principal Certification Only (PCO) program at The University of Texas at Arlington. This program (18 credit hours, 6 courses) features online coursework and a completion time of as few as 12 months. The program prepares you to take both the TExES Principal (268) as an Instructional Leader exam and the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) 368 exam.

In this program, you will gain comprehension for testing in six domains of school culture: Leading Learning, Human Capital, Executive Leadership, Strategic Operations, and Ethics, Equity, and Diversity.

This program does not recommend students for internship or probationary certificates.

Course of Study

Students should refer to the course syllabus for textbook information. Please note that textbook requirements may be subject to change. You will be notified by the course instructor if there are additional textbook requirements.

 Course Code
 Course Title
 EDAD 5330  Leadership in the Instructional Setting
 EDAD 5381  Governance, Political & Legal Aspects of Education
 EDAD 5383  The Principalship
 EDAD 5384  Resource Management in Education
 EDAD 5389   Administrative Practicum
 EDAD 5399  Capstone Practicum


Transfer Coursework

Transfer coursework is not accepted.


Course Descriptions

EDAD 5330: Leadership in the Instructional Setting

Duration: 15 weeks | Credit Hours: 3

This course provides an examination of current research on effective instructional organizations and classroom instruction in today's schools, on characteristics of school leadership, and on the role and function of the teacher as instructional leader. Topics include the essential components of instruction, developing instructional-management systems, evaluating student and teacher performance, assisting colleagues to monitor and improve instructional skills, and school climate and leadership styles as they impact school improvement.

EDAD 5381: Governance, Political, and Legal Aspects of Education

Duration: 7 weeks | Credit Hours: 3

Emphasized in this course are the legal foundation of public education, political theory, and application of political skills in working with school personnel, students, parents, and community organizations. The role of the law, court rulings and the politics of school governance at the federal, state and local levels will be addressed.

EDAD 5383: The Principalship

Duration: 7 weeks | Credit Hours: 3

The role of the campus leader in the leadership, organization and administration of schools is addressed in this course. An emphasis will be placed on continuous school improvement. The importance of the concepts of the principal as scholar-practitioner and proactive leader will be stressed.

EDAD 5384: Resource Management in Education

Duration: 7 weeks | Credit Hours: 3

School finance, as well as auxiliary areas of resource management, will be addressed. The emphasis will be on the use of technology, alternative models of financing and budgeting, and sources of revenue from the federal, state and local levels as well as from private sources. The course is designed to assist administrators in developing an understanding of the functions, operation and evaluation of auxiliary services which support the educational program.

EDAD 5389: Administrative Practicum

Duration: 15 weeks  |  Credit Hours: 3

Designed to provide prospective educational administrators job-related experiences under supervision in an appropriate educational setting. An approved professional study is designed in relationship to the intern's interest and past experiences. Can be repeated for credit with approval of advisor.

EDAD 5399: Capstone Internship in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Duration: 15 weeks | Credit Hours: 3

Successful completion of the Capstone Internship will fulfill the comprehensive examination requirements for the graduate degree and result in the completion of the professional portfolio and research project. This course is the last one in the program for every student.


Certification Requirements and TExES Exam

The following requirements must be met to be approved for principal certification.

  • Holds or has held a standard teacher certificate.
  • Has had a minimum of two creditable years of classroom teaching experience. A teacher service record must sent from the school district directly do the director of certification via US Postal Service. Creditable years is defined as having been completed in an accredited school district. Out of state teaching experience may qualify provided it was done within a school accredited by that state.
  • Holds a Master's degree. The degree must be conferred, which can take several weeks after graduation.
  • Has completed an approved administrative practicum.
  • Has completed an approved program designed for meeting the certification requirements. All coursework must be completed and grades must be posted.
  • Has passed the TExES Standard Principal Certificate Exam (limit of four retakes).
Eligible Texas principal certification candidates must be approved to take and pass two exams, the TExES 268 Principal as Instructional Leader (PIL) and the TExES 368 Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) prior to certification as a school principal. These exams will be approved according to state and program policies, and successful candidates can apply for Texas Principal as Instructional Leader certification through the Texas Education Agency once they have met all state and university requirements, including passing both of these exams.

Academic Recruiter

Manuel Alonso

Academic Recruiter

Headshot of University of Texas at Arlington employee Manuel Alonso. The background shows a UTA campus sign.

Email: manuel.alonso@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3124

Office: 104 C Trimble Hall

Graduate Advisor

Brittany Stein

Graduate Academic Advisor II

Office Hours

504 Carlisle Hall

Headshot of University of Texas at Arlington employee Brittany Stein. The background shows a UTA campus sign.

Email: brittany.stein@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-7577

Office: 504 Carlisle Hall

Program Directors

Dr. Joel Leader

Visiting Assistant Principal and Co-Coordinator of Accelerated Online M.Ed. & Principal Certification Programs

Headshot of University of Texas at Arlington employee Joel Leader. The background shows a UTA campus sign.

Email: joel.leader@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2127

Office: 103 A Trimble Hall

Dr. Michelle Leverette

Visiting Assistant Professor & Co-Coordinator, Accelerated Online M.Ed. and Principal Certification Programs

Research Interests: Mentoring in K-12, Gifted and Talented programming, designing effective learning environments, social emotional learning, school culture

Headshot of University of Texas at Arlington employee Michelle Leverette. The background shows a UTA campus sign.

Email: michelle.leverette@uta.edu

Office: 103H Trimble Hall

Bio: Dr. Leverette is co-coordinating and teaching as part of UTA’s Principal Certification Online and M.Ed. Accelerated Online programs. In her 24 years as a K-12 educator, she has served as a teacher in elementary and secondary levels, designed science curriculum, pioneered robotics and STEM programming, designed and coordinated district Academic UIL programming, designed online Gifted and Talented programming and supported underserved student populations. She was recently recognized as Arlington ISD’s Teacher of the Year for her commitment to serving students, educators, and stakeholders. Outside of education, she leads and serves non-profit organizations benefitting DFW communities.

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