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Take classroom learning beyond the books in our unique, 100% online Master of Education in Special Education. Through this degree, teachers and educators will equip themselves with the know-how to meet the learning and educational goals of students with special needs. Options are available for individuals who are already certified teachers and those who need to obtain initial certification.

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Apply at GoApplyTexas.org to join our fall cohort and complete the program in as few as four semesters.

Fall 2022

Submit by July 1, 2022

Classes start Aug. 22, 2022

Project MMS

Submit by July 1, 2022

Only candidates pursuing initial certification are eligible.


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Course of Study

Who would enroll in this program? Graduate (bachelor’s complete) students who have never held a teaching certification.


Program Hours: 30


This unique grant-funded program prepares master’s degree-seeking students with expertise in special education and social work.



 SPED 5301
 Characteristics of Individuals w/Disabilities
 SPED 5302  Applied  Behavior Analysis for Teachers
 SPED 5303  Collaboration/Transition
 SPED 5304  Instructional Strategies
 SPED 5306   Assistive Technology
 SPED 5307  SPED Legal and Policy
 SPED 5311  Assess. of Stud w/ Disabilities
 SOCW 5370  Social Work in Schools
 SPED 5601  Clinical Teaching (6 hrs)


**This program is grant funded and has an additional competitive application process. 

Who would enroll in this program? Graduate (bachelor’s complete) students who have never held a teaching certification.


Program Hours: 30


Students successfully completing this program are prepared to teach students with disabilities.



 SPED 5301  Characteristics of Individuals w/Disabilities 
 SPED 5302  Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers
 SPED 5303   Collaboration/Transition
 SPED 5304  Instructional Strategies 
 SPED 5601  Clinical Teaching (6 hrs)
 SPED 5311  Assess. of  Stud w/ Disabilities
 SPED 5306  Assistive Technology
 SPED 5307  SPED Legal and Policy
 Choose one:
 EDUC 5394  Understand & Design Class Research OR
 SPED 5313  Single Subject Research

Who would enroll on this program? Graduate (bachelor’s complete) students seeking only a master’s degree and may or may not already hold a certification or degree in special education. 


Program Hours: 30


Graduate students will be prepared for advanced preparation for serving students with disabilities with high or low incidence disabilities. Applied Focus courses begin in January 2021, with additional Focus courses beginning in Fall 2021 (high incidence) and Fall 2022 (low incidence).


 Core Courses

 SPED 5316
 Advanced ABA
 SPED 5307  SPED Legal and Policy
 SPED 5314  Current Topics in SPED
 EDUC 5394  Understand & Design Class Research OR
 SPED 5313  Single Subject Research
 EDUC 5397  Implementing/Disseminating Classroom Research


In addition to the core courses, students select one of three tracks:


Track 1: Applied Focus

This track is appropriate for students who already hold a teaching certification and are seeking a Master's degree and certification in Special Education.

 SPED 5301

 Characteristics of Individuals w/Disabilities
 SPED 5302
 Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers
 SPED 5303  Collaboration & Tran in SPED; Collaboration/Transition
 SPED 5304  Instructional Strategies
 SPED 5312  Special Education Field Experience


Track 2: High Incidence Disabilities Focus   (anticipated start  Fall  2021)

In addition to the core courses, students selecting this track are seeking a master's degree and advanced coursework in high incidence disability areas.

 SPED 5305
 Advanced Learning  Disabilities
 SPED 5310  Advanced Behavioral  Disorders
 SPED 5308  Advanced Intellectual  Disabilities
 EDUC 5362/SPED 5309  Neuroscience and Language
 SPED 5320  Characteristics of Severe Disabilities


Track 3: Low Incidence Disabilities Focus  (anticipated start Fall 2022) 

In addition to the core courses, students selecting this track are seeking a master's degree with advanced coursework in low incidence disability areas.

 SPED 5317  Autism Spectrum Disorders
 SPED 5318  Medical/Management of Students with Multiple Disabilities
 SPED 5319  Methods of Mod and Severe Disabilities
 EDUC 5362/SPED 5309  Neuroscience and Language
 SPED 5320  Characteristics of Severe Disabilities

Program Director

Dr. Bree A. Jimenez

Associate Professor, Special Education

Research Interests: General curriculum access, severe disabilities, STEM, systematic instruction


Email: bree.jimenez@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3339

Office: 508 Hammond Hall

Bio: Dr. Bree Jimenez is an Associate Professor of Special Education. She has worked in the field of special education for over 20 years, as a classroom teacher supporting students in both elementary and high school, grant-funded research liaison between a local school system and university, then Lead Research Associate for an U.S. federally funded grant with the department of Special Education and Child Development at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. From 2017-2019, Dr. Jimenez served as a Research Consultant with Mater Dei School in Camden, New South Wales and an Honorary Research Associate in Special Education with the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on general curriculum access and assessment for students with intellectual disabilities and autism. Specifically, Dr. Jimenez’ research focuses on math, science, and STEM instruction for students with extensive support needs. She is the author/co-author of over 20 peer-reviewed journals articles, multiple book chapters, and several books on strategies to support academics for students with disabilities. Dr. Jimenez is an executive board member of the Division for Research (DR) and the Division for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Dr. Jimenez is an author of the internationally implemented academic classroom curriculums: Teaching to Standards: Math; Teaching to Standards: Science; Early Numeracy; Early Science; Access Algebra and Access Geometry.

Graduate Recruiter

Monique Bird

Director of Marketing and Communications

Headshot of University of Texas at Arlington employee Monique Bird. The background shows a UTA campus sign.

Email: monique.bird@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-7456

Office: 516 Hammond Hall

Graduate Advisor

Berhane Doilicho

Graduate Advisor


Email: berhane.doilicho@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2956

Office: 513 Carlisle Hall

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