All-Level Content Options (Early Childhood - Grade 12)

Future educators who want to teach art, music, or physical education will pursue an all-level certification, to teach PreK - Grade 12.

A classroom of students use easels to paint


Share your passion for visual arts with the next generation, and create new opportunities for your bachelor's degree in art.

Teacher playing the piano in front of a group of young children


Invest in the future of music education and use your bachelor's degree in music to tune into new career options.

Teacher in a physical education classroom

Physical Education

Use your bachelor's degree in kinesiology to get equipped to teach physical education.

Secondary Content Options (Grades 7-12)

A variety of content areas are available for future educators who want to teach at the Secondary Level (Grade 7 - 12).

Man stands inside classroom

English Language Arts and Reading

Write a new chapter in your career, and pass on a love of literacy, reading, composition, language arts, and English to the next generation of learners.

An educator works with older students in a library


Help young learners uncover the history of the world, and tap into the full potential of your bachelor's degree in history.

Life Science

Bring the life sciences to life for future learners with your teacher certification.

A teacher talks beside a whiteboard in a classroom


Add to your bachelor's degree in mathematics with a teacher certification to prepare the next generation of math gurus.

Man teaching science class

Physical Science (Grades 6-12)

Help students tap into their STEM potential with a teacher certification in physical science.

Woman teaching science class


Use a teacher certification in science to help students explore the world around us.

Teacher and students in a classroom

Social Studies

Teach students to better explore history, geography, sociology, anthropology, society, social systems, and more.

Degree Plan (Course of Study)


Total hours: 30

Secondary and All-Level Certification (15 credit hours)

 EDUC 5310  Diverse Populations in Today’s Schools
 EDUC 5314  Effective Classroom Instruction
 EDUC 5329  Classroom Management & Discipline
 LIST 5345  Content Area Reading and Writing
 EDUC 5315  Clinical Teaching (practicum, last course)


Common Core Area (6 credit hours)

 EDUC 5394  Understanding and Designing Classroom Research
 EDUC 5397  Implementing and Disseminating Classroom Research (Capstone)


Content Area (9 credit hours)

Students may pursue graduate level coursework in a single content area such as Math, Science, or English, or an add-on certificate such as ESL. Prior approval of the coursework by the College of Education faculty advisor is required.


Program of Work

Upon admission to the program, you will meet with your program director to create a program of work. This will plot out what courses you will take each semester until you complete the program.


To be eligible to proceed to Student Teaching, Secondary and All-Level students must have completed at least three of the following: EDUC 5310, EDUC 5314, EDUC 5329, and LIST 5345.

Student Teaching

The last course required for certification is titled "Clinical Teaching". This is the semester when students do their Student Teaching. Partnerships with specific school districts and schools have been established to host UTA Residents. We work closely with specific schools to build strong mentoring relationships between teachers and students, and therefore place all students in partner school settings. Students are not able to select the district or school for their placement.

Field Application Deadline

Students must apply for Student Teaching with the Office of Professional Development. Fall applications are accepted during month of February and spring applications are accepted during month of October. Orientations for Student Teaching are set for August and December. Please email the Program Coordinator/Director for specific dates.


Candidates must pass all appropriate state exams (limit of four retests) and apply for appropriate state certification(s) with the State Board for Educator Certification/Texas Education Agency within six months of the completion of their student/clinical teaching or practicum program. If a candidate allows the six month period to go by without passing all state exams and applying for certification, additional coursework and/or state exams will be required for recommendation for certification. Additional coursework will be determined by the appropriate Program Coordinator in consultation with faculty.


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