The Literacy Studies program provides a path to Texas Certifications in English as a Second Language (ESL supplemental) and Reading Specialist (RS) for qualified Texas-certified educators.

 LIST 5316  Literacy Practicum I
 LIST 5326  Pre-Adolescent & Adolescent Literacy
 LIST 5373  Foundations of Literacy Learning in EC-6 Classrooms
 LIST 5361  Language Learning: Educational Perspectives Practicum II
 LIST 5354  Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
 LIST 5345  Content Area Reading and Writing
 LIST 5325  Understanding Literacy Research
 LIST 5350  Literacy Assessment
 LIST 5346  Teaching the Writing Process
 LIST 5317  Literacy Practicum III

Program Director

Dr. Kathryn Pole

Associate Professor, Literacy Studies

Research Interests: Literacy, family literacy, literacy teaching, teacher development



Phone #: 817-272-2240

Office: 415 Hammond Hall

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