Three Options to Choose From

We offer three certification options for aspiring teachers who have already earned a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university.

Before You Apply/Pre-Admission Steps

Take your next step toward a future career as a classroom teacher!

The Number One

Connect with our Team

Request information or talk to an advisor to get your questions answered. 

The Number Two

Contact an Advisor to Complete a Content Declaration Form

In Texas, educators are certified to teach an age range and (if teaching Grade 4 or above) a specific subject or content area. Applicants to the M.Ed. in Teaching with certification or the Initial Teacher Certification only program who are teaching grade 4 or above must also connect with one of our content partners for a transcript evaluation and to complete a content declaration form. The exception are students pursing the M.Ed. in Special Education with certification. 

To get started, contact an advisor. You will send a copy of your unofficial transcript to your advisor, who will then connect you to one of our content partners. Students should not contact content partners on their own. 

The Number Three


Once you have determined the grade level and subject you want to obtain certification for, you must pass the Texas Pre-Admission Content Test (TX PACT) for that grade level and subject.

Special Note: Individuals pursuing the M.Ed. in Special Education with certification are not required to take/pass the PACT.

Apply for Admission

UTA Admission is a multi-step process that includes applying to the university, to your degree program, and to UTA's Educator Preparation Program.

The Number Five

Apply to Program & For Grants, Scholarships, Etc.

Complete the program admission requirements as instructed by our advising/academic team. Submit letters of reference and other forms to Also, view our funding options to help pay for school. 

The Number Six

Apply to UTA's Educator Preparation Program

To pursue a Texas Teacher Certificate, you are required to apply to and complete an Educator Preparation Program (EPP). The EPP includes pedagogy coursework, classroom experience, and student/clinical teaching. Your advisor will instruct you on when and how to apply. 

Once You're Admitted

Once you've been fully admitted to UTA, your program, and the EPP, you'll start taking classes and complete the State of Texas' certification requirements.

The Number Seven

Meet with your advisor and register for classes

Your College of Education Advisor will be able to guide you through the process of completing both teacher certification and degree requirements. Once you've met with your advisor, you'll register for classes through your UTA MyMav account.

The Number Eight

Complete Program Requirements & Field Experiences

Your field experiences are critical steps toward your development as a future educator. The opportunity to practice what you have learned during your studies in a real school classroom under the mentorship of a cooperating teacher is one of the most valuable components of your preparation as an educator.

The Number Nine

Register for and Pass the State Certification Exams

Certification candidates must receive approval to test for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES), the state's certification exam. To receive approval to register for TExES, candidates must meet the requisites for their specific certification program and should work with their Program Coordinator to receive approval and instructions to apply for exam registration. Candidates must then pass then exam to move onto the next step.

The Number Ten

Apply for TEA Certification

Once you pass all your certification exams (which include content, pedagogy, and supplemental), you must also submit a certification and fingerprinting application to the Teas Education Agency (TEA) and pay TEA's application fee. This certification application will be recommended to the TEA for final processing by the certification officer at UTA once all certification requirements have been met.

The number 11.

Apply to Graduate

If you are seeking a master's degree, you must apply online to graduate during your Clinical Teaching semester, which is during the final semester of coursework. The online Graduation Application is available from the 12th day of class (4th day in summer) until the mid-semester deadline. Certification only students do not apply to graduate; you will work with the program coordinator to register for the TEA certification exam (listed in the step above). 

The number 12.

Start Your Teaching Career!

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Additionally, the college's Office of Field Experiences provides opportunities for job placements through the annual Education Career Day (job fair). This takes place on the UTA campus during the middle of spring semester. UTA's Career Center is another resource to assist you in excelling in your career as an educator.