Watershed Urbanism and the DFW Metroplex


Urban areas such as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex face increasing pressures with population growth, pollution, suburban sprawl, aging infrastructure, and a changing climate. Under these circumstances, there is a rising need for cities to reconsider how and where they grow and what they will champion as they grow.

The momentum around creating thriving, healthy, vibrant, dense, and environmentally-friendly cities is mounting. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is no exception. As one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States and situated along the waterways that make up the Trinity River watershed, the Metroplex is experimenting with bold visions for the future. These plans involve crafting a new relationship between hard and fluid environments to toy with the impermeable boundaries that previously separated cities from their waterways.

Watershed Urbanism and the DFW Metroplex showcases pioneering design projects that respond to the challenge of how to design built environments that enlarge with and incorporate waterflows and aquatic life. Projects feature the region and its talented design community.

Curated by

Adrian Parr in collaboration with CAPPA Architecture Faculty

Designs and Displays

Projects features the region and its talented design community.