Faculty Grants

Geisel Grants 


Faculty may apply for funding for projects in springsummer or Fall 2022

Ten grants at $5,000 each will be available for the Spring and Summer sessions, with additional grants available for the Fall semester and subsequent years.  

Date Activity
Feb 21 Spring funding deadline
April 1 Summer funding deadline
June 1 Fall funding deadline




The focus of Professor Emeritus Paul Geisel’s gift is to “enhance research opportunities on issues affecting municipalities across Texas and the US Southwest region.”  The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA) seeks to advance Dr. Geisel’s vision by encouraging continued engagement by our students and faculty in addressing challenging issues that impact our local and regional communities, particularly those affecting underserved communities.  Projects may include, but are not limited to, providing technical assistance; engaging in community design work to address a specific issue (flooding, housing, parks, etc.); or developing plans identified by the community to resolve a particular need (zoning, economic revitalization, historic preservation, etc.)


The Geisel grants will provide up to $5,000 per project to engage students and faculty in a project that impacts a municipality or underserved community in Texas or the US Southwest region. This project may occur through a traditional course, a studio, a capstone project or a partnership with external entities such as nonprofits.  

Rural areas, small towns and cities of less than 150,000 are of particular interest, although projects targeting small communities within a larger city will also be considered.  We are particularly interested in serving general law cities (under 5,000 population with limited staff; rural areas outside the MSA; small cities that are on the path of growth from metro areas and have limited staff/resources to prepare and respond. 


Terms and eligibility:

  • Projects must be comprised of a significant collaboration with a public entity such as a small town or city, regional authority, or nonprofit such as a community development corporation.

  • The leadership team must include CAPPA faculty and students. All faculty are eligible to apply (TT and non-TT, both full and part-time)

  • Recipients of the Geisel awards will submit a final report (3-5 pages) which may include copies of the deliverables expected as part of the project.The final report and deliverables are due at the end of the next long semester. A summary of the project outcomes will be shared on CAPPA’s webpage and through social media.

Submission Requirements

   1. Project proposal (no more than 1000 words/4 pages double-spaced maximum): 

  • Describe the municipality, city partner, or collaboration between a public entity and a nonprofit, and the specific problem or issue the project will address. 
  • Will the work be conducted by an individual with student assistance (GRA)or through a classstudio, or other?
  • What is the expected deliverable and what impact will the deliverable have in helping this community/city/town to advance its goals?
  • What methodologies will be usedHow specifically will student(s) be engaged in this project?
  • What is the timeline for completion of this project?

   2. CV (1 page) of UTA project leadership and expertise in this area of research/work.

   3. Budget (1 page)- itemize how you intend to use the Geisel grant of $5,000. Additional funds may be available depending on the number of applications.


Please submit your grant proposal as an attachment using the form here


A committee composed of CAPPA faculty, IUS, and the dean will review proposals and use a matrix to rank proposals. For questions, please contact Dr. Maria Martinez-Cosio