Program Overview

The University of Texas at Arlington International Program at the University of Innsbruck is an inter-disciplinary and cross-university program between the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and the University of Innsbruck (LFU) engaging the fields of contemporary architecture and urban studies focusing on climate-resilient cities in the Alpine Region. This program will give students from both sides of the Atlantic the opportunity to collaborate over the term of one semester. A group of 15 students from UTA will spend 16 weeks at LFU Innsbruck as part of their undergraduate studies in architecture. 

Program Locations

Homebase for this program is the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Field trips include Munich (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Venice (Italy), and a workshop at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). 

Program Goals

The primary goals of this new program are: 

  • GLOBAL CAMPUS: build a global campus model for students to enroll in courses at UTA and LFU to engage, interact, experience, and share places, skills, and expertise between Austria and the United States.
  • CLIMATE RESILIENCE: expose students to pressing contemporary challenges in architecture and urban design through experiencing different climatic and weather conditions, geographic and topographical zones, and societal and cultural regions.
  • ENGAGED CLASSROOMS: expand academic outreach beyond campus to bring student and faculty works closer to the communities they serve by hosting public lectures, exhibitions, and workshops off-campus. 

Three courses of this sequence are offered as Maverick Advantage Courses. 


Undergraduate Architecture students in 2nd semester of 3rd year sequence of the program.**

Skills & Tools:

Students work with a wide range of digital and analog tools to enhance skills in spatial design, urban sustainability, and systems thinking to develop concepts for climate resilient cities. 


Each applicant is encouraged to reach out to to ensure the correct courses are selected for the entire academic year. Eligible students need to plan ahead and complete the following courses at UTA in Fall:

Fall – UTA (14 credits hours)

  • ARCH 3553 Design Studio 1
  • ARCH 3323 Construction Materials 
  • ARCH 3343 Design Communications 3
  • ARCH 3364 Site Design 

** The successful completion of the Fall courses listed above, allows for enrollment into the Spring program courses below:


Spring – Abroad (14 credits hours)

  • ARCH 3554 Design Studio 2
  • ARCH 4369 Territorial Strategies 
  • ARCH 4371 Future Cities 
  • ARCH 3324 Structures 1


Successful applicants need to submit the following package by September 1, 2023: 1. One-page Resume 2. One-page Motivation Letter (why do you want to study abroad and are interested in Climate Resilient Cities?) Applications need to be emailed to Dr. Oswald Jenewein.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Regular UTA tuition applies. Students can pursue all eligible scholarships and financial aid programs. The program exact program fees will be announced prior to enrollment, however, the fees will be comparable to on-campus resident students (approx. $5,000.00). The program fees include housing, campus access, local transportation, entrance fees, and administrative fees. 

Dates & Deadlines

First Deposit Oct 1, 2023: $250
Second Deposit Nov 1, 2023: approx. $2,750
Third Deposit Dec 1, 2023: approx. $2,750

Jan 20, 2024 Program Begins
Apr 1-5, 2024 Spring Vacation
May 05, 2024 Program Ends


For questions, please email Dr. Oswald Jenewein: