Maverick Advantage

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Be Bold. Be Ambitious.

What is the Maverick Advantage?

The Maverick Advantage program encourages the development of marketable skills through experiential learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom within the five distinguishing activities. This competitive advantage distinguishes UTA students from their peers and prepares them for the workforce or future academic endeavors.

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5 Distinguishing Activities

Career development Icon

Career Development

Explore, engage, and develop through work that enables you to reach lifelong professional and personal success.

Community engagement Icon

Community Engagement

Serve the community beyond the boundaries of campus through intentional, engaging experiences and encouraging others to be civically engaged.

Global engagement Icon

Global Engagement

Interact effectively with diverse audiences by bridging geographic, linguistic, ideological, and cultural barriers.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Discover personal strengths, essential skills and relationships that guide you on a journey to serve as an effective leader.

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Prepare for graduate school and apply knowledge in an environment outside the classroom​.

Set Yourself Apart

Throughout your time at UTA, we expect all students to participate in three of the five distinguishing activities before graduation- so start today for a brighter tomorrow! The application will open...