Maverick Advantage

Invest in Experience. Invest in You.
student reaching for the Maverick Advantage

What is the Maverick Advantage?

The Maverick Advantage Program at UTA is all about helping you build marketable skills and meaningful experiences through hands-on, high-impact opportunities. We challenge you to invest your time in 5 specific activities: getting involved in the community, building your career path and skillsets, making global connections, diving into research, and growing as a leader. Every student, including you, should be able to graduate from UTA confident, career-ready, and clear about the person you want to be in the world. By participating in 3 of the 5 activity types while a UTA student, you will qualify to receive Maverick Advantage Distinction at graduation. In all practical terms, Maverick Advantage Distinction signifies your competitive edge in what’s on your resume, your career and life readiness, and your confidence articulating your professional story.

This opportunity is open to ALL students at UTA. Explore the 5 steps below as well as the “What Counts” page to see how it works.

Graduating Seniors, Apply Now

Apply to earn Maverick Advantage

5 Easy Steps To Get The Maverick Advantage

  1. Explore your goals

    for your personal and professional future as well as the skills you’ll need.

  2. Invest In Yourself

    through at least 3 (of 5) qualifying, hands-on activities listed below.

  3. Showcase Your Experience

    in a portfolio, resume, or other professional tool relevant to your field.

  4. Apply

    and participate in a practice interview during your graduating semester.

  5. Graduate

    proudly as a distinguished graduate with your Maverick Advantage stole.

The 5 Activities Are...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Discover personal strengths, essential skills and relationships that guide you on a journey to serve as an effective leader.
Undergrad Research Icon

Undergraduate Research

Prepare for graduate school and apply knowledge in an environment outside the classroom.
Community engagement Icon

Community Engagement

Serve the community through intentional, engaging experiences and encouraging others to be civically engaged.
Global engagement Icon

Global Connections

Interact effectively with diverse audiences by bridging geographic, linguistic, ideological, and cultural barriers.
Career development Icon

Career Development

Explore, engage, and develop through work that enables you to reach lifelong professional and personal success.