Maverick Advantage

Be Bold. Be Ambitious. Set Yourself Apart with the MAVERICK ADVANTAGE.
Career development Icon

Career Development

"I’ve used my time management skills to handle multiple tasks concurrently and meet deadlines while also maintaining a high level of achievement across all of my involvements."

Community engagement Icon

Community Engagement

"Learning to care about your community is something that can’t be taught."

Global engagement Icon

Global Engagement

"I have an advantage not many students can have and I embraced it."

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

"I was able to overcome my fear of public speaking, and now I can speak to students on an individual level and in groups ranging over 100 people."

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"I began pursuing my own research endeavors which I felt were both promising and relevant to the future of my industry."

Set Yourself Apart

Throughout your time at UTA, we expect all students to participate in three of the five distinguishing activities before graduation- so start today for a brighter tomorrow!