Study Abroad Programs

For students interested in travel and study opportunities there are three basic types of programs:

Faculty-Led Programs (Summer)
Exchange Programs
Non-accredited programs

Summer Faculty-Led Programs:  

These programs are directed and led by UTA Architecture faculty and in the past have traveled to locations such as Tokyo, Austria, Guatemala, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and Vancouver. Students interested in this option are recommended to attend the summer interest meetings held in the Spring semester within the School of Architecture or contact the leading faculty member directly. Students must in the third year of study in SOA programs for undergraduates or one of the CAPPA graduate programs to participate.


  • Undergraduates: 3rd or 4th year of major program (ARCH or INTD)
  • Graduates: CAPPA Graduate Students (some restrictions may apply depending on courses being offered. Follow-up with program faculty)

Exchange Programs

This semester-long, fully credited program offers a pre-established travel study experience with a university for the Spring semester of the third year of study for undergraduates or the spring semester second year of study for graduate students.


  • Undergraduates: 3rd year (Spring semester) of major program (ARCH)
  • Graduates: Currently M.ARCH (2nd year of study for M.ARCH Path-A students)

Presently, students may conduct an exchange program at the following architecture schools:

Non-accredited programs 

There are several University-level programs that may not provide credit for curriculum within the major. Students interested in this option are encouraged to contact the Office of International Education/Study Abroad for program options and locations. Upon program verification and selection a follow-up meeting should be made with advising department at 


  • Undergraduates: All levels (non-Major courses only)
  • Graduates: All levels (non-Major courses only)

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