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Jala Morrow is a Ph.D. student in Public Administration and Public Policy, and she shares her journey at CAPPA. The program is challenging and equally interesting, and gives a more industrial touch outside traditional learning. Jala is fully involved in the coursework, which has been challenging but enlightening. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program, and the faculty, staff, and students are great," Jala stated.
Jala says that the Public Administration and Public Policy Ph.D. program has created learning, researching, and networking opportunities for her, and she will continue to take advantage of them. "These opportunities have provided knowledge I can apply to achieve my goal as a public servant," Jala stated. 
The environment at CAPPA is spoken highly of, and Jala feels welcome and can connect with other students pursuing academic success. Jala says, "CAPPA has a very welcoming atmosphere, and there are many opportunities to explore and people to assist along the way." Gaining more knowledge while building strong relationships with people is one of her goals this fall semester.

"I look forward to acquiring more knowledge through my courses and building relationships with my committee, professors, and colleagues." 

Public Administration and Public Policy

Public Administration and Public Policy at UTA

The PAB-accredited program prepares students for careers as professional planners with public, private and nonprofit organizations.