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Laura is a graduate student pursuing her master's in City and Regional Planning. After completing her Undergraduate degree in interior design, she returned to complete her master's program. Her areas of interest include sustainability themes and how cities implement sustainability. She is excited about the program and shares how the college is helping her develop the skills to achieve her academic and career goals. "CAPPA has provided me with the skills and network to begin my career." 

The program prepares students for careers as professional planners with public, private, and nonprofit organizations. This allows students to gain a practical understanding of the coursework. "I'm learning about sustainability and environmental justice. I've participated in environmental justice campaigns, and I hope to continue with those efforts," Laura stated.

Outside of the classroom, CAPPA has a diverse student group that helps peers learn from each other. "The school has a diverse group of students from different walks of life." Laura says that "not only are we learning from our professors, but we are learning from our peers, and we are supportive of each other. "

The City and Regional Planning program can be very challenging and includes an intensive series of specialized courses and professional practice. However, this program offers the flexibility of scheduling and support from the professor as needed. "Students who want to pursue an MCRP degree should look into UTA because the classes are in the evening, allowing you to work during the day." Laura can balance her work as a teacher and can attend classes in the evening, helping her succeed in this program. She is currently taking summer classes and enjoys the topic being covered. The coursework involves a real-world understanding of being a city planner.

Laura is currently working as a graduate assistant and loves the opportunity to engage in research and work with her professors. Several fellowships and graduate assistantships are available to graduate students at CAPPA. Students can apply for these positions where they work closely with the professors and can use their skills. 

She is excited about this Fall semester and "looking forward to graduating."



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The PAB-accredited program prepares students for careers as professional planners with public, private and nonprofit organizations.