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Political Science, U.S. Army. Retired  

Why UTA: To be closer to family and UTA is consistently rated as one of the top 5 schools in the nation for Veterans.

Experience So far: UTA was the last school I applied to because I thought I was going back to Kansas. However, UTA was the first school that I heard back from. I have received tremendous support from Veteran Services, faculty, the Political Science Department, and College of Liberal Arts. One of the first things I did at UTA was reach out to the Dean of the Liberal Arts department, he was very responsive and helped me to develop a strategy to get everything in order, e.g. get all transcript, see what classes can transfer, he was so helpful.

Goals after graduating: To practice Constitutional Law. I believe it is important to serve a purpose bigger than yourself; there needs to be people to defend those who cannot get proper representation. Long-term I would like to go into politics. I see myself as the person behind the scenes getting things done.

Derron continues to be a leader by being available as a mentor to fellow veterans service members. 

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