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Headshot of Movin' Mavs Alumni Andreas Kraft

Meet Andreas

When I came from Austria in 2011 and enrolled at UTA, I was hoping to be the first college graduate in my family. Four years later, I achieved this goal and received a bachelor’s degree. Another two years later, I received a master’s degree. Today, I am at one of the top business schools in the world at the University of Texas in Austin, working on my Ph.D. to become a university professor. As I am working with co-authors on complex research projects that take years to finish, I realize that being a Movin’ Mav has given me all the tools to be a successful researcher. As a student-athlete, I learned to develop a strong work ethic and confidence. I learned that being able to work with other players is essential. As a team captain, I learned that communicating with teammates on and off the court is the key to success. Finally, I learned that losing sucks, but there is always another chance as long as you don’t give up. Being a Movin’ Mav has allowed me to get on a fantastic path towards being a successful academic. I will –hopefully- soon be a professor at a top business school, and every year hundreds of students will see a professor in a wheelchair. None of this could have happened without the generous scholarship I had received to attend UTA to be a Movin’ Mav.

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