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As new challenges have risen, in true Maverick pride we have risen through adversity to help our students achieve their goals of a world-class higher education.

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is providing all services remotely with staff available through telework. 

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When can I start?

You may begin your undergraduate researcher experience as early as your second semester of your first year at UTA. The optimal time is sophomore year and beyond, but this can vary with individual.

When you start depends on:
  • Your readiness
  • Model of research you are interested in
  • Assisting a professor in their research (faculty research team) vs. conducting supervised independent research (student lead)
  • Conventions of the field
  • Degree plan and class schedule
  • Faculty expectations

4 Elements of Undergraduate Research:


A relationship between the student and the faculty/research mentor that takes place outside of the classroom environment and course requirements.


Bringing forth something partially or totally novel consistent with best practices in area(s) of study.


Measurable deliverables with the expectation that the results or product will be disseminated to the public.


Undergraduate research experiences typically take place within the span of one long semester or more.

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