Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging

Manufacturing residential electric vehicle chargers

Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS) aims to become the global leader in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. The company has designed and built an easy-to-use interactive charger. RCS offers EV charging solutions for private and public businesses, municipalities, universities, event venues and more.

The Problem

The management team at RCS was faced with growing customer demand for a residential model EV charger. Their current design was not able to accommodate smaller mounting footprints, such as house garages to offer a personal charging solution for their customers.

RCS needed to design and build a residential model electric vehicle charging station enclosure. As RCS leaders sought companies to manufacture the new product, they engaged the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) to assist with design and construction.

The Solution

Through a continuous product development cycle, TMAC generated a series of conceptual designs, secured manufacturing partners and obtained quotes for mass production. After partners were identified, TMAC fully integrated the suppliers and manufacturers into RCS’ product development cycle.

The Impact

TMAC’s assistance helped RCS improve its place in the residential EV charging market. After developing a revolutionary EV charger eight times faster than competing models, the company experienced an increase in customer demand and investor interest. RCS has a projected revenue of $2,000,000.

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