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Kirstin Morningstar


Lisa Greening, MBA, CCRP, CIP, Associate Director  817-272-1173

Lisa Alvarez, Specialist
(Specialization: IRB) | 817-272-9329

VACANT, Specialist
(Specialization: IRB)

VACANT, Specialist
(Specialization: IACUC, IBC)

Andrew Harris, CIP, CUSECOSpecialist
(Specialization: Export Control) | 817-272-5076

Angela Luna, Specialist
(Specialization: Research COI) | 817-272-9305

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Regulatory Services

Research Administration
Watson Building
219 W. Main St.

Box 19145
Arlington, TX 76019-0145

Phone: 817-272-3723
Fax: 817-272-4732

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures for all UTA Research offices have been centralized in Faculty and Staff Resources.

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