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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is providing remote advising via Teams.

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To enable undergraduates to find their passions & purpose through creative scholarship, collaborative learning, experiential engagement, inquiry, and transformative access.



To proactively transform and enhance undergraduate academic engagement by providing a comprehensive interdisciplinary experience towards the advancement of knowledge and the pursuit of excellence through innovative and collaborative professional development, inclusive learning communities, mentored research/creative works, and partnerships beyond the classroom.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize and encourage exploration of students’ interests
  2. Associate (inter)disciplinary knowledge through experiential learning
  3. Apply experiences in the research/creative works process that meet the relevant field’s standards for the responsible conduct of research
  4. Reflect constructively by identifying what was learned, opportunities for growth, and future educational and career goals
  5. Prepare students for academia, graduate school, and/or careers
  6. Collaborate via relationships between students and faculty mentors, demonstrating effective communication and problem-solving skills
  7. We commit to increasing diversity expressed in myriad forms, equitable opportunities, and creating spaces of belonging and inclusion

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Email: UGResearch@uta.edu
Office Location: Nedderman Hall 246

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