Water Usage Dashboard

UTA's water usage dashboard illustrates our water usage over the years, including a normalization showing water use per square foot, which accounts for campus expansion. UTA incorporates water-wise habitat designs for new campus development. The Engineering Research Building and The Green at College Park exemplify the master plan’s objectives for natural spaces and serve as role models for future campus construction activities.

The Special Events Center and Campus Green Park is one of the pilot sites project and features native and adapted plants that consume approximately 70% less water than a typical landscape for the area. A dry creek and ecological retention areas manage rainwater and storm water runoff that, ultimately, drains into Johnson Creek. The Park also features a large lawn of drought tolerant grass for student activities, innovative seating surfaces made from seat walls and stone ledges, and permeable paving made from recycled glass.

Water Usage and Campus Square Footage

Water Usage per Square Foot

Monthly Water Usage at UTA