Energy Transition and Resilience Plan

We are thrilled to announce the launch of UT Arlington's comprehensive Energy Transition and Resilience Plan! This ambitious roadmap outlines our commitment to leading the charge in sustainability by transitioning to clean energy sources and reducing our environmental impact.

The plan looks at the confluence of changing policy drivers, the impact of extreme weather patterns, changes in infrastructure external and internal to its campuses, and financial mechanisms. In doing so, it defines and outlines UTA’s goals for the future, and a pathway for energy transition.

This initiative kicked off in Jan 2024 with a collaborative workshop involving over 100 participants tasked with identifying challenges and opportunities that UTA faces in key focus areas such as economic development, academics and research, resilience, food and waste systems, innovation, operations and finance, social impact, energy, and culture and communication.

Dive deeper into our Energy Transition and Resilience Plan to understand our vision for a sustainable and resilient future. We'll provide ongoing updates on our progress, fostering transparency and community engagement.

Together, we can create a vibrant, resilient campus that thrives for generations to come!

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Energy Transition and Resilience Plan Cover

Executive Summary of Jan 2024 Stakeholder Engagement

Learn more by checking out the Energy Transition and Resilience Plan (ETRP) Brochure! 

Energy Transition and Resilience Plan Survey

The aim of this survey is to understand the priorities and interests of the students, faculty, and staff at UTA as it relates to sustainability, resilience, and climate action measures. This survey will ask you to tell us where to focus our efforts, in the short term, mid term and long term.