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Current Seminar Schedule

August 28. (Thursday 3:20pm)  Professor Alfonso Davila, NASA Mmes Research Center SETI Institute

Title: “The Search for Life on Mars: Lessons learned in the Hyperarid Core of the Atacama Desert"

Host: Dr. Sandy Dasgupta x2-3808, Email:


August 29.          NO SEMINAR


September 5.  Professor Timothy S. Snowden, University of Alabama, Department of Chemistry

Title:  New Reactions and Synthesis Strategies Involving Ephemeral gem-Dichloroepoxide Intermediates”

Host:  Dr. Frank Foss x2-5245, Email:


September 12.  Professor Elizabeth Nolan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Chemistry

Title:  "Transition Metals and the Host-Pathogen Interaction"

Host:  Dr. Brad Pierce, x2-9066, Email:


September 19.  Professor Eamonn F. Healy, St. Edward’s University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Title:  "A Role for Desolvation in Protein Aggregation and Oligomeric Assembly"

Host:  Dr. Tom Strom, x2-5441, Email:


September 26.  Professor Jung-Mo Ahn, University of Texas at Dallas, Department of Chemistry

Title:  "Structure-Based Design of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Protein-Protein Interactions in Biomedical Research"

Host:  Dr. Junha Jeon, x2-0262, Email:


October 3. 

UTA Chemistry & Biochemistry Society Poster Contest


October 10.  Professor Onofrio Annunziata, Texas Christian University, Department of Chemistry

Title:  "Migration of Macromolecules Induced by Salt-Concentration Gradients in Water"

Host:  Dr. Kevin Schug, x2-3541, Email:


October 17.  Professor Christopher Hobbs, Angelo State University, Department of Chemistry

Title:  "Polypropylene Based Oligomers as Synthetic Scaffolds Toward Supported Catalysts”

Host:  Dr. Alejandro Bugarin, x9399, Email:


October 24.  Professor Lingjun Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Chemistry

Title:  "Expanding the Chemical Toolbox to Probe Neuronal Signaling"

Host:  Dr. Saiful Chowdhury, x5439, Email:


October 31.  Professor YiQiang (Eric) Cheng, Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of North Texas Health Science Center

Title:  “Genomics-Guided Discovery of Potent Anticancer Natural Products from Exotic Bacterial Species”

Host: Dr. Carl Lovely, x 2-5446, Email:


November 7.  Professor Yinsheng Wang, University of California, Riverside, Department of Chemistry

Title:  “Quantitative Proteomics for research in Cancer Biology and Environmental Toxicology”

Host:  Dr. Saiful Chowdhury, x5439, Email:


November 14.  Professor Yaron Paz, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering

Title:  "Preferential Photocatalytic Degradation of Contaminants"

Hosts:  Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar (x2-3811, Email and Dr. Frank Foss, (x2-5245,


November 21.  Professor Boniface Fokwa, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Aachen University, Germany

Title:  "Understanding and Designing New Magnetic Materials”

Host:  Dr. Peter Kroll, x2-3814, Email:


November 28. 


All seminars are at 3:00 pm on Fridays in W. A. Baker Chemistry Research Building, room 114.  Refreshments will be served in CRB room 112 at 2:45 pm.

Coordinator:  Dr. Junha Jeon, x2-0262,


About the Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar program

We have a very active and a popular seminar program and have had a number of Chemistry Nobel Laureates visit the department and present talks as listed below:


Roald Hoffmann – One full week in May, 1981

William Lipscomb – November 10, 1983 and March 4, 1996

Richard Smalley – September 9, 1988

John Pople – October 15, 1991

Sir Derek Barton – February 9, 1996

Johann Deisenhofer – April 16, 1999

Ilya Prigogine – October 8, 1999

Robert Curl – January 28, 2000




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