Meet Our Department

Setting the standard in research, teaching and service to the community.

The Department of Communication at the University of Texas at Arlington is a diverse community of engaged award-winning scholar/educators , enthusiastic students, and dedicated staff. With undergraduate majors in six areas of specialization, an Emerging Media Certificate program, and a Master’s program that draws upon the expertise of faculty in Communication Studies, Communication Technology, and Mass Communication, UT Arlington offers a wealth of opportunities. In addition to University scholarships for outstanding students, the Department of Communication awarded scholarships to 17 students for 2014-15 as a result of the generosity of departmental family, friends, and alumni.

We were honored to be designated an Engaged Department by national service learning experts in 2013. Our department’s dedication to community engagement and service is deeply engrained in the culture of classes across all specializations

Given our location in the 5th largest media market, our students have opportunities to apply what they are learning and engage guest media, corporate, and non-profit professionals in the classroom.

Excellence in Advertising

A team of advertising students and members of AAF, under the mentorship of Jeff Williams, created an advertising campaign for the Movin’ Mavs and the National Wheelchair Basketball Championships that were held here on campus.(video, posters, social media, events, press releases). Coach Doug Garner thanked Jeff and his team and credited them with the record attendance of 2000 and for assisting in recruiting the top 2 recruits in girls basketball out of high school. They were wowed by the posters and banner.

Students in Dr. Ingram and Mr. Weems’ ADVT campaigns classes are developing an integrated marketing communication plan for the UT System Board of Regents Taskforce on Hazing at the request of the Chancellor.

Excellence in Broadcasting

BCMN students in Julian Rodriguez and Dr. Andrew Clark’s TV Reporting I and II produce a weekly UTA News broadcast available on both Channel 99 and via and is producing a segment “UTA Spotlight” aired on The City of Arlington’s channel. And UTA News en Español continues to garner national attention as it develops and produces unique stories in Spanish that address issues relevant to this growing audience.

UTA Radio, part of the iHeart network, provides play-by-play for UT Arlington sports teams, hosting Rocktober and other events across campus, UTA Radio students garnered awards in the regional competition for the National Broadcasting Society.

8 BCMN students (under the direct supervision of Lance Liguez, with oversight from Dr. Clark) spent their Winter Breaks producing content for the AT&T Cotton Bowl’s You Tube page and website (covering media day, team visits to local children’s hospitals. Charlie Fiss, VP of Communications for the Cotton Bowl, commented that “Your students are running rings around the other videographers that we have hired to provide us content.”

Excellence in Communication Studies

Communication Studies students in Ms. Nead and Ms. Blount’s Group Communication classes continue the tradition of working with a variety of organizations and programs to meet needs across the community.

  • Safe Haven
  • Mission Arlington
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Salvation Army

This semester, Ms. Nead received an email of thanks from the Resident Services Director of the Arbrook Retirement Community where one of her groups held event for the seniors who live there. Ms. Coffman, not only were the students patient, “but they also took the time to establish relationships, listen to stories and memories, and offer kindness and compassion.”

Dr. Chatterjee’s Human Relations class is working with the national Helping Restore Ability helping revamp its organization and outreach. And Dr. Chatterjee will be mentoring Lawanda McKelvey this summer as she creates original research as a part of the McNair Scholars program.

COMS major Gemme Campbell, recently completed her honor’s thesis and has accepted one of the rare offers of MA to Phd from Texas A&M. This means that they have committed funding to her for five years should she choose to stay at A&M to pursue her PhD in organizational and health communication following completion of her M.A.

Excellence in Communication Technology

Students in Dr. Jang’s CTEC Web Communication Design and Development III class, students develop prototype Web sites for community organizations. In fall and spring, these students have created Web sites for 20 community organizations.

Dr. Horton’s CTEC User Experience Design and Research course this semester has been working in groups to develop mobile apps including database development, visual design, research/planning, and social media strategy. All apps will officially launch during finals week.

Dr. Chunke Su’s core Communication Technology course engages approximately 140 students in service learning each semester. Students work with over 65 organizations and conduct research on the client organization’s previous, current, and potential use of communication technologies, then provide recommendations to the clients (including hardware, software, and strategies) to improve the client’s internal and external communication practices.

Daniel Puente, a CTEC major, received a Citizen Certificate of Merit for his redesign of the volunteer pages for the Arlington Police Department’s website.

Excellence in Journalism

As part of a service learning project, students in Dr. Pribanic-Smith's Digital Storytelling course put their online journalism skills to use in providing blogs covering small businesses and non-profits in Downtown Arlington for the Downtown Arlington Management Association

Excellence in Public Relations

Dr. Tom Christie’s fall PR Campaigns class developed a PR/Marketing campaign for the Youth Education Town, a nonprofit after school center supported by the National Football League and the Salvation Army. As a result of their excellent work, Emmitt Smith sent a letter of thanks to the students and indicated that the advisory board was impressed and planning to implement their strategies.

Students in Dr. Shelley Wigley’s spring PRCampaigns class is working with ARISE! International, a local non-profit organization that helps adult women who have been sexually abused. Students hosted a fashion show and raised $800 for the organization. The executive director of ARISE! said it would have been worth it even if not a penny had been raised because it boosted the women’s self-esteem as they participated as models in the event.

Evann Crawford, a double major (PR/COMS) is working with Dr. Wigley as part of the UTA Team partnering with Mission Arlington as they develop materials to support Diabetes awareness and intervention in the Hispanic community – this work is supported by a Ford Grant.