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Promoting Honesty and Integrity

Updates due to COVID-19

In accordance with the University's decision to move all courses and most services online for the remainder of the academic year, Office of Student Conduct staff are working remotely. The on-campus office will not be open. However, staff are responding to e-mails and phone calls during normal business hours. Additionally, student conduct processes will continue remotely via Microsoft Teams. Students will receive standard letters and a Microsoft Teams appointment with instructions for how to meet with a staff member online via Microsoft Teams, the Microsoft Teams app, or via phone.

Below are online reporting options for academic integrity and behavioral misconduct referrals:

Faculty Referral of Honor Code Violation

Behavioral Misconduct Referral Form

We are currently evaluating sanctions for students. We will work to be flexible with students who have approaching sanction deadlines. We will reach out to affected students once we have more information regarding sanctions.

Additional resources for faculty and students may be found under the Faculty and Students tabs above.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any student conduct issues, you may call the office at 817-272-2354 during normal business hours or you may send an e-mail to You may also e-mail your conduct officer directly.

Office of student conduct 

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the implementation of the Student Conduct & Discipline Handbook of Operating Procedures and the Regents' Rules and Regulations at the University of Texas at Arlington. We strive to uphold and support standards of personal honesty and integrity for all students consistent with the goals of a community of scholars and students seeking knowledge and responsibility.

Within the Office of Student Conduct we receive, manage and complete all disciplinary referrals from around campus, including:

  • Scholastic dishonesty referrals
  • Apartment and residence life referrals
  • Campus community referrals

Consistent with this goal, the office is engaged in the task of educating the community regarding standards for student behavior and procedures used in the resolution of student disciplinary allegations. The Office of Student Conduct sponsors several large scale programs across campus, smaller residence life focused programming efforts and training for students, staff and faculty throughout the year.

If you have questions and would like to speak to a staff member within the Office of Student Conduct you can set up an appointment by calling 817-272-2354 or send an email to

Honor Code

I pledge, on my honor, to uphold UT Arlington's tradition of academic integrity, a tradition that values hard work and honest effort in the pursuit of academic excellence.

I promise that I will submit only work that I personally create or that I contribute to group collaborations, and I will appropriately reference any work from other sources. I will follow the highest standards of integrity and uphold the spirit of the Honor Code.

people sharing with an X through it.

Academic Integrity

As courses move into an online environment, these tips will help you complete your work with integrity, master the material that you are studying, and avoid committing an academic integrity violation.