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Educational Outreach

think about it Online course

Think About It sponsored by Campus Clarity is an online educational program that takes a comprehensive approach to sexual assault and substance abuse prevention through a harm-reduction model.  The course offers curriculum to encourage learning via individual participation, delivers a high level of instructional activities to hone decision making skills and provides interactive senarios to prepare students to react to situations which may occur in the current collegiate environment.

Think About It is a required tutorial provided to all incoming Freshmen, Transfer and Graduate students.

Academic Integrity Week

Each year the Office of Student Conduct co-hosts Academic Integrity Week: “Mavericks Use Their Own Minds.” Early October has become an exciting and informational time for issues surrounding academic integrity.

With the help of Mr. & Ms. UTA, UTA Libraries, the Leadership Center, Multicultural Affairs and Campus Recreation, Academic Integrity Week showcases the amazing original academic work being done at the University of Texas at Arlington. Academic Integrity Week is designed to empower students to take control of their education and to encourage engagement in and out of the classroom.

Students are encouraged to engage the academic environment of the university. The Office of Student Conduct organizes programs that can range from presentations and forums to media and socials to better learn the skills and practices to be a successful student.

National Hazing Prevention Week

On an annual basis the Office of Student Conduct partners with Greek Life, Student Organizations and Campus Recreation to showcase a week of programming and education entitled National Hazing Prevention Week.

“Promoting Positive Traditions” is a weeklong event focusing on educating all students on the dangers of hazing. Students are encouraged to join established and historical groups by creating traditions and celebrating their involvement in a positive way.

There are many ways to engage the University of Texas at Arlington campus, remember to value yourself and those around you by creating positive traditions.

For more information, see Hazing Myths.

students making the Maverick sign


M is for Mavericks

Fold your three middle fingers into your palm and extend your pinky and thumb to make the “M” in Mavericks.

UT Arlington Traditions